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How To Choose A Wedding Planning Software For Florists?

A wedding planning software is a great tool to have for florists involved in wedding planning. However, choosing a good application can be difficult and confusing at times. This is why we have created this list for you. Take a look and ensure your choice of application possesses all these features and qualities so that you can get the most out of it.

Tips to Choose Florist Wedding Software

1. Helps in creating customized proposals

Creating stunning proposals to onboard clients for wedding flower arrangements is an important task for wedding florists. Using a stock wedding proposal template for all your clients doesn’t work in your favor most of the time. After all, every wedding party has different requirements and preferences. As a florist, if you don’t pay attention to their unique ideas and requirements, then you will miss out on a lot of good deals.

Hana Florist’s wedding software comes as a savior for you in this matter. Here you can create and save various types of proposal templates based on style, type, or budget. Further, you can customize these templates every time a customer comes to you and describe their unique preferences. 

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2. Processes all financial transactions

A wedding planning software for florists not only helps in the creative side of the work, but also handles the critical and mundane tasks such as accounting. Hana florist’s wedding planning software keeps track of all the earnings and expenses on your behalf. Whenever there’s a financial transaction made, the software records it in its database. It maintains all the data regarding payments made to suppliers and received from customers, labor costs, shipping charges, employee salary, or any other financial transactions that happen on your business. So, you don’t have to worry about making a mistake on your accounts or missing any transactions.

3. Creates floral catalogs and galleries

Florist wedding planning software from Hana also has this very useful feature that helps you create catalogs. While briefing a client about your floral products and services related to flowers, you often require various kinds of catalogs to offer a visual demonstration. Online catalogs are a great way to categorize and maintain all images and descriptions of your floral works. It even helps you to create unique catalogs by customizing them as per client’s demands. You can also create picture galleries and either upload them on your website or share with customers directly.

4. Helps in fair pricing

Another useful feature of a florist wedding software is that it helps you price your products and services in an optimized way. After all, you price your products too high, and nobody will buy them. And you price it too low, and your profits will drop significantly. We’ve already discussed how this software helps in accounting and keeps track of all your earnings and expenses. Hana florist wedding planning software factors in the costs and expenses of various items and accounts for other expenses such as the labor cost, shipping cost, etc. Then, it gives you an optimized suggestion on what should be the ideal prices for all the individual items and services that are competitive as well as profitable. 

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So, while choosing a florist wedding planning software for your business, you must ensure that it has all the above-mentioned features. Besides, the software should be easy to use, and come with frequent updates. You should also ensure its compatibility with your current hardware, and ensure the Customer Service is prompt and helpful before making a commitment. Hana Florist POS offers you all these features at an attractive price! Get in touch and discover how it can be helpful for your business.

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