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How To Find Florist SEO Keywords?

The primary component of organic marketing and SEO is utilizing relevant keywords and building content around it. This is why, before you start with your digital marketing and SEO campaigns for Florist, you need to create a list of Florist SEO keywords that you are going to use for this purpose.

The process of finding and listing out the keywords is known as Keyword Research. In this article, we’ll learn about florist SEO Keywords and how it is done.

What is Keyword Research?

Keywords are nothing but search terms that every internet user enters on the search engine search box for finding relevant results about the same.

Keyword research is the process of finding out about these search terms so that we can use it to our advantage when we are creating SEO or marketing strategies for our business. Simply put, when we know what exactly our target audience are looking for, we can leverage that information to attract them to our website.

Why is keyword research important for a florist website?

Performing Keyword Research for your florist website SEO is important because it reveals much more than just a list of relevant keywords. Rather, it divulges important information about the popularity, ranking, and competition regarding those keywords, which helps us formulating our florist SEO strategy.

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How to find relevant keywords for florist website SEO

However, the process of performing keyword researches for your florist website is a little more complicated than what meets the eyes. To make it simpler, we have described the process in easy and doable steps.

1. Gather background information

Start by researching about your niche and defining it in short and simple terms. These terms can be generic and diverse at this point. For example, being an online florist business, you can pick out topics like:

  • Flowers online
  • Local flower seller
  • Order flowers online
  • Flowers doorstep delivery
  • Flower delivery USA

And so on.

For coming up with this broad list of keyword ideas, you can consider a few factors and apply some out of the box techniques. For example, you can talk to potential customers and find out about which terms they generally use when looking for flowers online. You can also take the role of a customer yourself and think which terms come to you naturally when you’re looking for something in particular. 

2. Fix your goals and targets

Once you have the broad categories for keywords, you need to narrow them down. But before that, you need to decide about two things: 1. what your goal is, and 2. who your target audience is, because these two factors play major roles in the keywords research process.

  1. Your goal can be defined by what you are trying to achieve with your florist SEO strategy. This can vary from ‘lead conversion, to ‘gaining more followers’, or ‘building your brand’, or ‘getting more traffic’. 
  2. Your target audience should be clearly divided into small categories such as ‘people who live in New York City’, ‘Female’, ’25-40 years of age’, ‘married’, and so on.

Fixing your goal and target audience at this stage will help adding more definition in your keyword research.

3. List out topics and seed keywords

Based on the findings from the previous stage, you can now define your seed keywords, or the basis of your keyword research. These keywords will be the ones that will capture the essence of your SEO strategy, and will be used for generating the list of keywords from the keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, KWFinder, and more. 

4. Consider the search intent

While performing your Keyword Research, it’s also important to consider the search intent, i.e. what is the purpose of the search that the user is performing. The search intent can be defined as, “are they looking to buy a product?”, “are they looking for information?”, “are they searching for a specific website?” and so on. Understanding the search intent will further help in refining your keywords list.

5. Research about your competitors

Another important thing to factor in your keyword research is your competitor’s activities. In order to create better florist SEO strategies for your florist website, you should be aware of the current trends of your industry at all times. While choosing specific keywords for your list, you should consider the competitiveness factor for the same. Keywords with high search volumes will have high competition as well, and vice versa. Striking the balance between the two will be the smart thing to do.

6. List out long-tail keywords

Now that you have created your list of primary keywords, it’s time to find some long-tail keywords, i.e. keywords supporting your primary keywords. For example, if your primary keyword is “romantic flower delivery”, supporting long-tail keywords can be “romantic red rose bouquets”, “valentine’s day flowers delivery”, and more. Long-tail keywords further broaden your outreach and benefit the whole SEO process.

And this is how you find florist SEO keywords for your florist website. Liked what you read? Let us know in the comments below.

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