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Grow your flower shop business: How to make your florist brand sticky

These days, most florists are heavily reliant on orders that come through wire services. While these services are a great source of steady revenue, many flower shop owners struggle to introduce efficiency into the processes involved in getting flowers delivered to customers in the shorted time possible.

This, in turn, causes flower shop owners to spend far too much time on single orders and results in missed opportunities to secure other streams of income. The trick to growing a flower shop is to become as independent as possible; and that means cultivating a strong base of regular customers. Here are five ways you can do that.

Establish awesome customer relations

At the heart of any thriving small business you’ll find excellent customer relations. We may be going more and more digital, but old-school sensibilities are just as important as they always were. The Japanese scholar Kakuzo Okakura, who wrote The Book of Tea, said: “In joy or sadness flowers are our constant friends,” and florists need to be there for their customers no matter the occasion.

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Making the effort to send thank-you notes (or emails) to customers and wishing them a happy birthday or anniversary (perhaps with the added surprise of a discount or free gift) can create loyalty to your store. Software can be used to make this quick and easy.

Adding extra value to your floral offerings in the form of an educational blog or even video tutorials is another way to attract – and retain – customers. And once you’ve got them, keep them excited and engaged on social media platforms.

Make the most of display windows

You can think of display windows as your most powerful form of direct advertising. The contents should always be fresh and creative enough that passersby stop and take note – and come into the shop to see more.

Intrigue people with scenes they don’t expect – you’d be amazed how people react to an arrangement of artichokes or other lesser-known flowers like myoga buds. If you need inspiration, peruse Pinterest – there are thousands of ideas out there. You can also put up signs punting special offers, functions and days on which you give out freebies.

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Collaborate with local businesses

Going it alone is tough and isolating, so why not link up with other local businesses to promote your brands together? Some ideas are hosting talks or other events on your premises – perhaps a short, TED-style look at how flowers have been used in history, or a presentation on the latest floral trends for weddings .

You could also hold flower arrangement workshops; one idea could be to collaborate with an ikebana expert in your community for a day of culture and fun.

Cater to events – and create your own

It goes without saying that florists need to tailor their arrangements to big events like Halloween, Mother’s Day, Christmas and Easter. These should be reflected in your all-important display windows too. But why not make your own random special days as well? For example, on “Flower Fridays” you could offer 10% off, or maybe a mystery free bouquet to customers who spend X dollars. You could designate the 21st of each month “Rose Day”, when everyone who makes a purchase takes home a free rose – and so on. The possibilities are endless.

Position yourself as a wedding florist

Providing flowers for weddings is still one of the most lucrative, sought-after gigs for florists the world over. If you can establish yourself on the wedding planning scene, you could secure a steady stream of high-earning, rewarding work projects. To learn more about how you can establish yourself as a wedding florist in your local area, download your free guide to creating a niche for yourself as your local area’s wedding floral aficionado.

There are many more ways to expand your brand and increase your revenue as a florist today. As a POS solutions provider with years of expertise in the industry, Hana can help you nurture your budding business into Interested in hearing more about how you can make your florist brand sticky? Get in touch with us today.

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