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How to Improve Floral Delivery Times

Customer satisfaction is vital to the success of any small business. One of the ways to ensure customer satisfaction is to get deliveries done in record time. A state of the art florist POS system can help.

Most shop owners do not think of a florist point of sale system as key to improving delivery times, but it is. Florist point of sale software can help you to significantly improve your delivery times. Continue reading to learn how.

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Eliminate Miscommunication

There are a few common errors that slow down delivery times for any florist and most of them revolve around human error. For example, miscommunication of the customer’s address is a very common issue. A florist POS system solves the problem by removing the human element. Addresses are entered electronically and a ticket can be printed out complete with the right address.

With the right florist POS system, you can easily route delivery information to the driver’s smartphone. No one has to scratch down an address with pen and paper and hope for the best. The right information will send your driver directly to the recipient’s door without issue.

Organization is Key

Another reason delivery times will slow down is because of disorganization. Things can get hectic in the florist shop especially around those “floral holidays” like Valentine’s Day. Staying organized can get really challenging which, of course, will affect your delivery times and customer satisfaction.

If you do not have the stock in, achieving a short delivery time will be impossible since you cannot create the arrangements. Delaying deliveries until you can get your own inventory delivery is not an option. A well-organized shop is well-organized because you know exactly what you have in inventory thanks to a florist point of sale system that tracks your inventory.

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With the right system you can reduce the amount of time designers have to spend shuffling around in the back room looking for the vase that was just ordered. You will know exactly what you have on hand. Sometimes, reducing delivery times relies on reducing the amount of time wasted in the shop itself.

Keeping track of orders, accurate customer information, and keeping track of inventory is made easier with the right tools. A florist POS system that checks off all the boxes is the right tool to have if you want to reduce delivery times and improve customer satisfaction.

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