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How To Make A Flower Crown?

Who doesn’t love floral accessories? Especially in the summer season, it is a beautiful way to accessorize and portray your ‘cool chic’ side. Beach weddings or any outdoor weddings taking place in the summers is the perfect place to show off those flower crowns, garlands, or floral bracelets.

So, as a wedding florist, when customers come looking at your store, you should be prepared and know how to make a flower crown already! Here are two simple ways to create flower crowns.

How to make a flower crown for a wedding?

Creating a flower crown is no rocket science. With a little bit of patience and effort, you can create beautiful flower crowns for your customers as well as for personal use. Here you’ll find two ways to build a flower crown. Based on which flowers you’re using and how you want your crowns to look, you can go with either one of them.

1. Style 1 (With wire): 

If you’re making a flower crown for wedding, using the wired style will be a better choice. This design is sturdier, and will last the whole day when the bride or the bridesmaids flaunt them.

For creating this, all you need is your choice of flowers and a long, sleek, and strong metal wire. String the flowers together using the wire. Use multiple colors or go monochrome as per your choice. When the wire is fully covered in flowers, bend it and give the desired shape. Twist the two ends together so that the flowers don’t fall off. Your flower crown is ready.

2. Style 2: (Without wire): 

You can also create similar accessories without wires, and using only flowers. This will look more like flower headbands and it is perfect as casual accessories for short-term usages. A day at the beach or a pool party with friends are the perfect occasions to flaunt these flower headbands.

For creating a flower crown or headband, you’ll need flowers with long and thin stems, such as button mums. All you need to do is take 3 flowers and braid the stems together. Braid about ½ – inch and add one new flower, and continue to braid. Repeat this process until you get a string of braided flowers to your desired length. Tie the ends together to secure the flowers, and there, your flower crown or headband is ready to use.

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