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How To Optimize Your Floral Website To Attract Clients?

Running a florist website is not an easy task to pull off. In this cutthroat competitive market, you need a solid flower shop business plan to successfully continue your online flower shop business

If you already have an ecommerce website, but it is not attracting as many clients as you expect, then it’s time to think outside the box and make some modifications. In order to optimize your floral strategies, consider making the following changes and experience the difference yourself! 

Optimize for multiple platforms

Smartphones and desktops account for almost similar number of online shoppers on most ecommerce platform nowadays. So, if your florist business website is only optimized for one of them and not both, you’ll miss out on a huge number of traffic. So, fix this bug and optimize for multiple platforms today!

Fix slow-loading pages

Another traffic-killer is the slow speed of your website. Some of the ways in which you can improve the loading speed of your webpages are:

  • Minimize redirects
  • Compress graphic elements
  • Enable cookies
  • Reduce server response time
  • Change your hosting plan to a more suitable one

There are many other ways to speed up your website. If your website is running slow for a particular problem, ask your developer to run a website checkup and fix the issue as soon as possible.

Start a newsletter

One of the best ways to attract customers to your site is by getting them excited about all the new and innovative things that you’re conducting on your florist business. And what can be a better way to inform them about these things than sending out newsletters! Create your subscribers list as soon as you can and send them regular newsletters. You can also lure them in by including special discount codes on them.

Offer flash sales

Flash sales are great way to boost up your sales and attract a lot more traffic for a short period of time. Usually, flash sales are conducted for only a few hours and they offer outstanding discounts that are not usually offered. However, before conducting a flash sale, you should promote the event vigorously on multiple channels to inform and attract as many target audience as you can. Otherwise, flash sales won’t generate desirable results.

Create killer product pages

Another critical aspect of your floral ecommerce website is the product pages. In order to motivate and attract the visitors to make a purchase, it’s very important to build really awesome product pages. Now, these pages have two major parts, the pictures of the product, and a written product description. Both are equally important for the success of your business. 

For pictures, it will be best to get your products photographed by professionals. If you don’t have the budget for it, learn some tricks and tips for floral photography online and shoot them yourself. You’ll need a great photo editing software too in order to make them appealing as well as detailed and flawless. 

For product descriptions, write them in a way that includes all the details and helps the customers to visualize scenarios of how to use them. Including relevant keywords to make these product pages appear in search engine results is also important.

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