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How to promote your floral business on Instagram?

No matter what heights of tech advancement we achieve, we will still need nature’s artworks to express our feelings. Flowers will never really go away. Whether it’s a wedding, funeral, or Valentine’s Day, flowers are a must. So why not use the tech world to make your flowers more popular? Social media, in the current era, is overflowing with brands promoting themselves. Be it clothes, food, stationery, or something else. But the number of florists on social media is comparatively less.

Why instagram for marketing?

Perhaps you are too busy growing your blooms! Or, you are not very confident about advertising your florist shop on social media. This blog talks about Florist Instagram Marketing. So, keep reading this blog to gather tips on marketing at Instagram for florists.

Why promote your floral business on Instagram?

Most businesses are aware of the power of social media. But if you are still having second thoughts about using Instagram for your floral business, then here are the reasons that could convince you.

  • Instagram has 138,000,000 users in the USA (as of March 2021). It is about 41.1% of the total US population. It means you have the possibility of reaching out to this massive number of people just by being on Instagram.
  • Instagram Shops underwent improvements in 2020. Currently, customers can log in to their accounts, shop, and make payments on the platform itself. Instagram has made shopping easier.
  • Instagram lives are in demand. Their viewings increased by 70% in 2020. So, as per the new Instagram updates, you can now stream lives for one to four hours. 
  • There are several features on Instagram that can make your life easier. From adding fun content, carousel posts to uploading reels, florists on Instagram are sure to have a gala time. 

Enough reasons to promote your floral business, right?

Top 5 strategies for promoting your floral business on Instagram

We hope that you are convinced about Florist Instagram Marketing. 

But we also know that you might be confused about how to get started with the florist marketing stuff on Instagram. 

So, here’s a list of Flower shop Instagram marketing strategies for you. 

  1. Create an Instagram Business Account

Your first step towards Florist Instagram Marketing would be creating a business account instead of a personal one. The business account lets you track post engagements, followers, and other analytics effectively. 

Make sure to mention your floral business Facebook page, website (if any). Provide links for customers to find out more about your business. Plus, don’t forget to provide your contact information!

  1. Share More, Sell More

Don’t sound too sales when sharing an Instagram post. Show off your blooms, share what your business has and let the audience boost your sales. Use your business account to show some creativity. Post about perspectives and unique styles. Focus on capturing your blooms in a way that can enchant the audience like using a few awesome backdrops. Get an idea about photography from florists who are already on Instagram and have gained thousands of followers over the years. 

  1. Offer Meaningful Content

Meaningful content does not indicate bombarding your audience with flower info. Post content that is related to your business or that customers will love. It can be short, catchy flower info, aesthetic pictures of your flowers, content on your brand, bouquet stories, your experiences, and so on. 

  1. Participate in the #Hashtaging Spree 

Hashtags have made a place of their own. On the Instagram platform, hashtags have become more important now than ever. Use relevant flower hashtags on your posts- be it short content or florist SEO blogs. Be careful not to use the same set of hashtags everywhere as that might indicate spam. Make the most out of hashtags. However, remember that several users search through hashtags. They are a tool to organize your content. So, choose and use wisely!

  1. Connect Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram – just like Cookies and Cream!

These two platforms are closely related. So, it is always a good idea to connect your Facebook page with your Instagram account. This will enable double-posting. Hence, your florist marketing posts will reach a broader range of audiences. 

A list of popular hashtags to use for your Florist Instagram Marketing Strategy

Several flower hashtags are doing the rounds on Instagram. Choose what goes well with your florist shop. For instance, if you are a wedding florist, here are the top hashtags you can get started with:

  • #weddingflorist
  • #eventflorist
  • #weddingflowers
  • #eventflowers
  • #weddingbouquet
  • #weddingblooms

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Instagram allows the use of 30 hashtags per post. But research suggests that 11 hashtags are ideal for Instagram posts. Here’s a list of ten most common and relevant hashtags for florists on Instagram.

  • #florist
  • #flowerstagram
  • #flowers
  • #floraldesign
  • #bouquet
  • #flowersofinstagram
  • #weddingflowers
  • #floral
  • #floristsofinstagram
  • #floristlife

Besides, you can always go about finding the best-suited hashtags for your business or even the less competitive hashtags. All you need to do is, put a hashtag on the search box. You will get a list of suggestions to choose from. 

Once you start with your florist Instagram marketing, experiment with different hashtags and find out the best ones for you. 

Importance of high-quality images in Instagram Marketing

Instagram posts demand a little effort, especially when you have a florist shop. Though your blooms are naturally beautiful, for your Instagram posts, you must make them look ecstatic. Make sure your pictures are clear, professional, and of high quality. Compose them well and capture them using appropriate backgrounds. Florist marketing on Instagram is primarily about visuals. Several pictures flood the timeline of Instagram users. So, to catch the user’s attention, your post must stand out. The more captivating your photos, the more followers you gain. 

So, spend some time honing your photography skills. Use editing applications or filters to enhance the beauty of your blooms. 

Ready to Get Started with Florist Instagram Marketing?

Hopefully, we didn’t scare you with all that information. These are the basic Instagram marketing strategies for florists that you can start with. So, start telling your stories on Instagram. Don’t forget to experiment with content and hashtags. Lastly, be consistent to win over your audience!

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