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How to use analytics for your florist ecommerce website to improve your business

Analytics refers to the process of using data and statistical analysis to gain various insights about a business. 

As an online flower business, you need to keep track of numerous aspects of your business. whether your florist website is attracting enough traffic, whether you’re making enough sales, whether you are reaching or exceeding your revenue targets, whether you’re gaining enough followers on social media- all of these aspects are important for you to keep up with.

analytics for florist ecommerce website

analytics for florist ecommerce website

But how do you measure and ascertain whether you are reaching your goal? The answer is, by using Analytics. It allows you to track your performance based on various metrics and provides measurable data to know whether you are being successful in your goals or not. when you have the numbers as answers to all your queries regarding business performance, it leaves very little room for doubt. not only that, analytics shows you exactly what is not working for you, so that you can fix that. Hence, as an ecommerce business owner, using Analytics is a must for you.

What is website analytics?

Website analytics refers to the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of various kinds of website data. The purpose of analytics tools for floral businesses is to understand and optimize website usage and improve it to benefit the owner. It involves tracking and analyzing website traffic and user behavior, such as how many visitors come to a site, where they come from, which pages they visit, how long they stay on each page, and what actions they take on the site.

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Requirement of analytics tools for your florist website

Website analytics requires using a web analytics tool or service to collect data, such as Google Analytics. These tools can provide a wide range of analytics reports and insights, such as visitor demographics, referral sources, bounce rates, conversion rates, and more.

By analyzing website analytics data, floral shop website owners and marketers can gain valuable insights into how users interact with their website, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to optimize website performance and achieve business goals.

Metrics every florist should track each month

Web analytics tools like Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics can track tons of different metrics for you. however, not all of the data analytics reports are equally useful for you. As an online florist, you should track a few key metrics every month that will give you a fair idea about your business’s performance. Here’s a list:

1. Demographics report

One of the most important metrics to track through an analytics tool is who your visitors are, and their characteristics. there are a few prime indicators for demographics. 

Google analytics Demographics reports

Google Analytics Demographics reports

As a florist, you should track the following indicators in order to know your visitors better:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Interest
  • Location
  • Technology
    • Mobile devices
    • Tablet
    • Desktop

The demographics report is important for you to understand whether you are targeting the right set of audience. This is important for creating and implementing your marketing campaigns. If you are not optimizing your marketing endeavors to attract the right set of audiences, it will not yield desired results.

2. Geography report

An important aspect of audience demographics is the geographical location. This is especially important for a floral service like yours whose operations are limited to a geographical locale. Using local SEO, you should target visitors who belong to your operational area. otherwise, even if you get lots of visitors, you won’t make any sales.

Google analytics Geography report

Google Analytics Geography report

  • Geography report:
    • City
    • State
    • Country

To know where they are coming from, you should track the city and the state of the visitors. By tracking these, you’ll get to know whether you are targeting the desired set of audience. For example, if your services are available in and around Dallas, TX, but your traffic is coming from Aspen, CO, then you must make changes to your existing strategies and try to modify the mistake.

3. Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the percentage of website traffic that, after visiting a page, leave immediately without visiting any other page on the same website. It is an important metric to track because it reveals the effectiveness of your content. A high bounce rate means you are either targeting the wrong audience or your content is not relevant enough for your target audience. In both cases, you need to restructure your existing strategies to decrease your bounce rate.

4. Top Landing Pages

GA4 Landing Page Report

GA4 Landing Page Report

This is another very important metric to track. This will reveal your top-performing pages. By knowing this, you will be able to understand what works best with your audience. In terms of content, user experience, and relevance, tracking top landing pages will give you a better idea of your audience’s preferences. you can then use this data to optimize the other pages.

5. Traffic

Google analytics Website Traffic Reports

Google Analytics Website Traffic Reports

The overall traffic is another highly important metric to track through analytics tools. It will show you whether your marketing endeavors are yielding desired results or not. It will give you an idea about both your website’s performance and user behavior. Overall, it will help you create better strategies for your business to attract more audience, make more sales, and generate more revenue.

6. Top products purchase

Florist Ecommerce Product Purchase Report

Florist Ecommerce Product Purchase Report

Like top landing pages, the top products purchase metric will inform you about your bestselling products. Knowing what goes well with your customers at what time will help you introduce more such products and increase your revenue. It will also show you which products are the least liked by customers. This will help you to remove or modify them.

How to use Analytics data to improve your business strategies?

So, what do you do after you gain these insights? here’s a step-by-step guide on implementing and utilizing Analytics to improve your business:

1. Define your goals:

First, you should be clear about your expectations, and areas of improvement. For example, you might want to get more traffic for your website or want to convert more leads into customers. Clearly defining the goals will help you achieve them.

2. Collect data related to your goals:

Now it’s time to collect data directly related to your goals. For example, if you want more traffic for your website, you should first find out the amount of traffic you are getting now. Analytics will show you every detail related to it, like which channels are your traffic coming from, their demographics, the devices used for accessing your website, etc. This information will help you understand your current audience, and then make modifications in your Target Audience if needed.

3. Analyze and understand your shortcomings:

When you have the data, you need to analyze them and understand your shortcomings. For example, you might notice that despite spending a lot of money on Social Media paid promotions, they are not yielding much traffic for you. So, you now know that you need to improve your Social Media Marketing Strategies.

4. Create new plans to overcome the problems:

Now it’s time to modify and optimize your existing strategy. To go at par with the above example, if your social media marketing strategies are not successful, you need to change them and optimize in order to attract more target audiences. Using different keywords, posting more relevant and useful content, and solving more problems for your customers will be helpful.

5. Monitor the result through analytics regularly:

After you modify your strategies, you should track the same metrics regularly in order to know whether the changes are making any positive transformations in your business. If you don’t see any improvements after a certain amount of time, you should try a different strategy then.

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Some popular analytics tools and their benefits

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google. It is very helpful in tracking all major metrics related to your floral business. 

Google analytics

Google Analytics

  • It provides real-time data, which means you can check at any given time how many visitors are visiting your page, where they are located, which pages they are viewing, and other activities performed by them on your website. 
  • It also gives you a detailed audience report including their demographics, behaviors, actions taken, interests, and more. 
  • The Behavior Flow feature is especially helpful in understanding your audiences better, as it shows every detail from the landing pages of the visitors, the other pages they visit, when they exit, what actions they take, and more.
  • It also tracks metrics related to your florist e-commerce business such as sales report, revenue, conversion rate, ROIs, etc.
  • It also tracks site search data, i.e. what users search for inside your website. This gives you a splendid idea of users’ interests and requirements.

Google Analytics has a very user-friendly dashboard where you can see all the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and monitor them regularly. It is one of the best free analytics tools in the market.

2. Search Console

Google Search Console is a free tool provided by Google that helps analyze your website’s search performance on search engines. 

Google search console

Google search console

  • It shows all data related to impressions, clicks, and average position. It also shows which queries or keywords are driving more traffic to your website.
  • The URL inspection tool shows you how Google crawls or indexes each individual page on your website. From this, you can identify and modify any errors in indexing and improve your site performance.
  • The Mobile Usability Report is also a helpful feature of GSC. It shows any errors in your website when accessed from mobile, including misplaced graphics, too small or too large texts, etc.
  • It also alerts you on any potential security threats and helps keep your site secure.
  • It also provides information on Backlin data which is especially important for you. Having high-quality backlinks improves your site’s search performance. This works in your favor as you get more traffic and more business.

What are the advantages of using analytics for your ecommerce website for florists?

Some of the biggest advantages of using an analytics tool for your e-commerce website for florists are:

  1. You get to know how many visitors are coming to your website, where they are coming from, which devices they are using to visit, how many of them are returning visitors, and more.
  2. You also get data about your bounce rate, i.e. people who are not interacting at all and leaving from the very first page they are visiting.
  3. In the case of e-commerce florist websites, you get to know which products are attracting the most number of visitors, and how many of them are actually buying the products. You also get to know which the best-performing products are, and which are not much liked by customers.

Hana Florist POS Report Tools: Your answer to all questions related to analytics

If you haven’t used analytics for your floral e-commerce business ever before, then it might feel overwhelming at times. You might feel confused about which KPIs are more critical, and which metrics you should track regularly in order to keep your website and your business in good shape.

Hana Florist POS comes with a super helpful analytics feature that not only tracks all important metrics related to your website but also provides valuable suggestions on how to improve them. Here are its key features and metrics that it can track:

  • Geography:

As a local business owner, the geographical data of your visitors is really important to you. if you are operating in Texas and all your traffic is coming from California, then it is of no use. Hana Florist POS analytics not only tracks the city and state but also the zipcode of your traffic. This helps you to understand if your local SEO is in proper order. If not, you might make the necessary changes and improve your SEO results.

  • Sales by order type

Hana POS analytics can track whether users are ordering from a website, app, through a wire service, or direct from the physical store. This data can be very helpful in understanding where your maximum customers are coming from, and what channels are the least profitable for you. Based on the data, you can take better future decisions about which channels to keep and which ones to abandon or modify and optimize in order to attract more customers.

  • Sales by Occasion

It can also track all your sales by occasion. For example, if you want to know what kinds of flowers are the most in-demand during Valentine’s Day, Hana analytics will instantly show you all the data related to them. Based on this, you can plan for the next year’s Valentine’s Day ahead and stock up on flowers that are high in demand during this time. This will increase your profit a lot.

  • Product price comparison with last year

In the flower business, prices of floral products are always changing. Yet, exorbitant pricing kills any business. So, if you want to compare the prices of products with last year or a few years, you can easily do so with Hana POS analytics.

  • Conversion Rate:

Hana Florist POS Analytics also shows you the conversion rates. The conversion rate indicates the percentage of sales that you make against the total number of visitors. This helps you understand if your marketing strategies are yielding the desired results or not.

  • Customer Acquisition Cost:

Hana Florist POS Analytics track and report your Customer Acquisition Cost accurately. this means it can measure and analyze the cost of your marketing endeavors, and then compares it to the number of new customers that you acquire through them. This shows you the cost of acquiring 1 new customer. High CAC can be detrimental to your business.

So, now you know how analytics can be a supremely powerful tool to understand, optimize, and improve your online florist business. Hana Florist POS analytics is packed with valuable features covering all important metrics that you need to track regularly. Intrigued? Why don’t you try it yourself? Get in touch with Hana Florist POS Team and discover more firsthand!

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