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How to Improve Your Flower Photography For Instagram?

Beautiful nature is all around us but only if we observe its beauty will we come to know how vast and magnificent it is. We can only truly experience nature’s beauty by being around it or by capturing it through our lenses. If you are a florist or a nature lover, a close-up picture of flowers is something that might appeal to you the most. Flower photography is indeed a beautiful way to capture the natural beauty of flowers. Though, at times, it might be challenging to get the right shot for Instagram. In this blog, we will share with you some tips for snapping beautiful flower photos for Instagram. By following these tips, you can take show-stopping photos of floral arrangements that will help you to showcase your business’s products and attract people to buy online.

Find the most suitable lighting

Getting noticed on social media platforms requires perfect pictures. Both photos taken with a macro lens and a regular lens can look equally gorgeous but to make them look exceptional, you need to take care of the lighting. To create stunning flower photographs, you need bright, beautiful, and glorious light. The most ideal light for flower photography would be golden light early in the morning and late in the afternoon. So, avoid midday harsh light that might be too much for professional flower photography.

 Take advantage of a cloudy day

Overcast days are the best days for flower photography images. The cloud cover actually helps to enhance the rich natural colors of flowers. At times when it gets too cloudy and dull outside, with the help of white reflectors you can get colorful and contrasty pictures perfect for Instagram. When shooting indoors, you can either use natural diffused light from a window or use reflectors.

Take the help of the sun if it’s a sunny day

Taking photographs against the sun is a great way to begin your Instagram flower photography on a bright day. Backlit sunlight will illuminate your flowers during the golden hour and create dreamy images of flowers. You can also use a rim light to highlight the flowers’ details.

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Go ahead with macro flower photography

To get the best flower photography images you need to be well-versed in equipment. With the help of a macro lens, you will be able to capture the most intricate details of flowers, sometimes details that you can’t even see with the naked eye. If you plan to take pictures for your online flower catalog, a macro lens will add a soft blur to the background, making the flowers stand out. 

The depth of field should be adjusted

If you want to enhance the textures of your Instagram photography, add depth.

You can experiment with depth to see how your flower comes into focus.

This effect will give you an image that will be sharp and crisp in the focus areas and the rest of your photo will get a blurry effect. Use a wide aperture to enhance your photos and show better texture. 

Keep your background minimal

For Instagram flower photography, less is definitely more. Remember when doing close-up flower photography for Instagram, it’s the shade, texture, and shape of the flower that needs to be enhanced. A clutter-free background is all you need for such pictures. Remember, to highlight the beauty of your flowers, opt for a simple background, such as a plain wall or background that won’t distract from the flowers in your photo.

Watch out for the wind

When taking pics of flowers bouquet, the wind might become your enemy at times. When the petals are blown by the wind, there can be a lot of blurring. To avoid such issues, try shooting in the wee hours because in the morning the weather is still calm. Still, if the wind creates a problem, keeping a piece of cardboard or a reflector next to your flower would block the disturbance.

Water the blooms to take interesting flower photos

If you own a flower shop and want some interesting flower photos to upload on Instagram, then you definitely need to try this hack. Spraying some water droplets before capturing a picture will give it a gorgeous dewy effect. You can try this out on a rainy day but with a spray bottle, you can do this any day to add a fresh effect to your flowers. In addition to giving the blooms a rain-kissed effect, this light misting will enhance your photography abilities.

Try Different Angles for Different Perspectives

Make sure you are careful when taking pictures for a flower catalog. Don’t simply stand in front of a beautiful flower and click the shutter, but instead shoot from different angles. If it is a single flower, try clicking from underneath or right from the top while aiming your camera straight down. If it is a picture of flower arrangements, you can lie on the ground and tilt your camera sideways or angle your camera upwards. Experimenting with different angles and techniques will give you the stunning shot you have ever dreamed of. 

So, hopefully, you might have found one or two or maybe all of these tips helpful and inspiring. For any further assistance, feel free to contact Hana Florist POS Team. We are just a click away.

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