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Tips To Increase Flower Sales For Florists

Flowers are a joy to behold and can instantly enhance someone’s mood. As a florist, sharing the beauty of blooms is what the business is all about. However, it is also important to ensure steady sales in order to succeed over the long run. Here are some effective strategies that florists can employ to boost their flower orders and revenues.

Offer Seasonal Bouquets and Arrangements

People tend to buy more flowers during certain holidays and seasons. As the seasons change, make bouquets and arrangements that match the vibe and colors of that time. For example, during spring you can make bright pastel arrangements filled with blooms like tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths. In summer, go for fresher arrangements with flowers such as roses, lilies, carnations, and daisies. In fall, try arrangements with foliage and flowers in autumnal shades of red, orange, and yellow. During winter holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day, come up with gift-worthy arrangements filled with red roses, poinsettias, or Christmas greens. Having seasonal items on display will catch people’s attention and remind them to buy flowers appropriate for the occasion.

Highlight Featured Flowers of the Week/Month

This is another way to catch customers’ eyes by having something new to look at each week or month. You can choose flowers that are currently in season and at their peak or have just become available. Prominently display arrangements made with the featured flowers and have signs explaining customers can build their own bouquet selecting from those flowers. This allows people to try new blooms and creates excitement for what flowers will be featured next.

Offer Flower Subscription or Monthly Delivery Services

Some customers like receiving regular flower deliveries without having to think about ordering each time. A monthly or subscription flower delivery service lets them do that. You can provide options like sending a small monthly arrangement, a seasonal selection of flowers, or flowers or potted plants on a specific date each month. Clearly explain the benefits, costs, and length of commitment needed upfront. This establishes a recurring customer base and repeat sales each month. You can also offer gift subscriptions for occasions like birthdays and anniversaries where the receiver gets surprises regularly.

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Run Promotions, Sales, or Special Offers

Having sales or bundling items at special prices are great ways to attract more buyers. Some ideas could be: ‘buy one get one free on roses’, discounted vase rentals, free locally crafted chocolate with flower purchases, a percentage off bouquets through a mobile app, gift wrapping included on Mother’s Day bouquets, etc. You may choose to run limited time promotions on certain holidays and occasions or regularly have special offers listed on your website and social media. This tactics entices people to buy as offers give them better value for money compared to regular prices.

Use Social Media Effectively

Today, the presence and interactivity you provide on social networks can impact business. Post fresh, high-quality photos of your flowers, arrangements, and bouquets daily. Share tips and inspiration too. Engage with customers through comments and answer their queries promptly. Run contests or polls to increase engagement. Create a social media content calendar to track each occasion and make engaging plans. Promote upcoming holidays, events, and sales on your social pages. Consider tying up with social media influencers in your area who may highlight your shop to their followers. Monitor what competitors are doing online and try adopting strategies that work well. Interacting through social media builds your brand and encourages online orders too.

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Offer Delivery or Pick Up Options

While some customers may visit your physical store, not all will have the time. Provide delivery services within your local area on weekdays and for special fees on weekends too. This allows people to order and send flowers when going to the shop may not be an easy option. You can also partner with delivery apps. Another option is allowing customers to select and pay for arrangements online and then pick them up from your store at a scheduled time convenient for them. Offering varied orders and pickup/delivery choices increases your potential customer base.

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Provide DIY Flower Workshop Experiences

Hosting seasonal DIY flower workshops is an engaging activity that also promotes your business. Teach participants to make different arrangements, wreaths, or bouquets using your expert floral techniques and quality materials. This could be a fun mother-daughter, date night, or team-building activity for groups. Have sign-up forms, limit class sizes, and give simple take-home arrangements or care sheets as bonus gifts. Workshop experiences offer creative enjoyment for customers and remind them of your store each time they display hand-made items at home.

Thank Your Loyal Customers Regularly

It is important to appreciate your loyal, long-time customers who have supported your shop through the years. Send them a personal greeting card with a small discount offer during occasions like their birthdays or holidays to show gratitude. Offer perks such as loyalty reward points that can be redeemed for free products or gifts after certain purchase amounts. Loyal customers will feel valued and may spread good words about your customer service to friends and family too. This helps keep their business and gain new customers through referrals.

Offer Free Local Delivery on Opening Day Orders

If your store is open only on certain days, send email and social media reminders a few days before your opening times for the week. Mention customers who place their opening day orders before a specific time will get their purchases delivered to them within your local area free of cost. This motivates last-minute or undecided shoppers to order from you online instead of waiting to visit later or check competitors that day. It entices them to place an order knowing they can get their flowers on the same day and conveniently delivered at no additional cost. Such limited-time free delivery offers tend to work well especially when paired with pre-opening day promotions.

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