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Flower Shop POS System Features to Increase Profits

It is easy for customers to shop online, but difficult for florists to stand out among the many eCommerce stores. The upsurge of online commerce has made the florist industry undergo changes at a rapid pace. Now, florists do not get ample time to explore methods to boost customer footfalls and shoot up sales with the help of the florist pos system. Hence, technological interventions are a must.

With a florist POS solution, managing business becomes a lot easier. You can do what you love – pick the best blooms and make delightful arrangements. Let your florist POS software take care of the business.

A florist POS offers several benefits. It can help you with managing inventory, marketing, hassle-free checkout, and improved customer experience. 

In this blog, we will walk you through the top 5 ways a florist POS software can help you earn profits from your flower shop.

So, let’s get started!

5 Ways a Florist POS System Features can Boost Profits

1. Easy Order Process

Typically, florists stick to their favorite pen and paper for noting down the orders – customer name, payment information, address, and other details.  

But putting these details on a notepad, creating an invoice, is a whole lot of work and it takes so much of your time. 

With a florist POS, you are no longer required to perform repetitive tasks. Whenever an existing customer calls, their details get verified and there is no need to make a note of it. Plus, you can generate the invoice in a few clicks. 

The florist POS software automates the ordering process and it becomes less time-consuming. Hence, you can take more orders and increase customer footfalls. 

2. Sales Activities Analysis

Florist POS software can help you identify the factors impacting your sales, both positively and negatively. 

Florist POS saves in enormous data and this untapped data holds a lot of potentials. It can help you make informed decisions, tell you about the flowers high in demand, and make your planning better. 

Overall, florist POS can trigger a reduction in your operating costs and boost your profits from flower shops. 

3. Easy Management of Orders

Among the many florist POS benefits, easy managing of online and offline orders is one. This is one of the most amazing ways how a florist POS can boost your profits.

When retail florists integrate with the eCommerce florist website, there is always a fuss about managing both online and retail orders. It becomes immensely hectic to keep a track of orders flowing from both the retail store and the florist website. This is where florist POS comes in.

With a florist POS, you can sync the stock for both online and offline sales. That means, no more online orders will be accepted for out-of-stock items as you will be aware of the available inventory.

Through a florist POS software, you will be able to manage both online and retail orders from one dashboard. Your inventory will remain updated. Plus, you will be able to process orders faster, leading to higher florist income.

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4. Automate Marketing

With a florist POS, you can automate marketing activities, creating a direct impact on your revenue. 

A florist POS software has all the necessary information about customers like purchase history, demographics, shopping frequency, etc. Using this information from the florist POS, you can run customized and automated marketing campaigns.

The email or messages of the campaigns can be tailored according to customer specifics. This will be a great way to attract customers and shoot up sales. 

For example, you can automate a ‘Valentines Day’ reminder email to customers of the age group 18-30 years. You can email them about your latest rose bouquets and lilies, perfect for the coming Valentine’s Day. 

5. Offer Top-Notch Customer Service

A perfect customer experience is a key to boosting florist income. 

With a florist POS, customers don’t need to repeat all their details. Once they make a purchase, all their details are saved. The next time they place an order, all the information will be easily available at hand. 

Plus, a florist POS software ensures sending automated emails when an order is delivered to the recipient. No spelling errors are made in a florist POS. 

All in all, you can expect error-free texts and emails, super-fast service, and updates about order delivery status from a florist POS. 

As a result, a positive customer experience is obvious that will boost your revenue and retain customers. 

The digital era for florists strongly demands florist POS software. Hana Florist POS for florists is the ultimate game-changer for florists, offering an umpteen number of benefits for your online floral business. So, if you are a retail florist, implement the Hana POS solution and let it take care of your business operations. 

It’s time to make the most of this amazing innovation that has the potential to make your flower shop bloom!

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