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Keep your customers close with Hana’s florist marketing tools

The advent of digital technologies and other attention grabbing novelties have made stopping to smell a bunch of fresh roses seem almost too time-consuming. One thing’s for sure, getting people’s attention is a race to the front of the line — and if you do manage to just get a few precious moments of their time, you’d better make good use of it. This makes having the right florist marketing tools invaluable to helping you grow your customer base.

As a business solution for florists, Hana POS goes beyond the sale to give American and Canadian flower shop owners a platform they can use to keep their customers close while reaching a wider audience.

We’ve incorporated just the right florist marketing tools to execute effective strategies to grab your customers’ attention. Hana gives your customers more reasons to return to your online, or offline, store with easy-to-implement florist marketing tools. Here’s a look.

A complete website solution

Need a website for your florist business? Already have one but it looks like the countless others you see on the web? Wondering why your online space is generating less than stellar business? Hana offers florists a range of unique, beautiful and engaging websites that are guaranteed to generate the right traffic for your business.

Not only do they stand out for their breathtaking and modern designs, but our florist websites make it easy for your customers to shop, discover new floral designs, learn about your business and order their flowers for the day.

We take care of all the management that comes with running a busy website, while ensuring that your catalog always looks as fresh as your actual product. If you haven’t yet, check out our amazing offer for a free website solution here.   

Content and SEO for your website

No business is an island, nor is any website. Attracting visitors to your online store is the next step to building a comprehensive marketing apparatus without having to read the instruction manual. Hana’s team of SEO and content experts will help you get found with content, SEO strategies and inbound marketing tactics that let your customers, near and far, find you.


florist marketing ideas

Building a solid cache of keywords and optimizing your website to compete with established florist businesses takes time and lots of attention. We make all of that easy by doing it for you. We guarantee that you’ll be competing with your biggest competitor in the online space when you choose your free Hana website.

Effective email marketing

Some customers do need a bit more coaxing than others. Reach out to your market with highly personalised emails to tell them about your latest floral designs and specials you put together just for them.

Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is still alive and well and nothing makes a better impression than a personal note from your favorite florist. Let us take care of your email marketing with automated, contextual, beautifully designed and well-written email communications.

florist marketing tools

Drive even more traffic to your website by linking to it from your email campaigns and display all your work and any specials you may have on offer. Or why not have automatic emails sent to existing customers before special calendar dates and entice them with a personalized bouquet? Those ideas flowing yet…? Good!

A customer portal for house accounts

Got house accounts? Then keep them happy with access to their very own customer portal where they can manage their own orders, set up repeat orders, download invoices and view purchase histories. Hana’s customer portal is designed to keep your most important customers happy while you generate new business. That’s right, automate your repeat business so you can tend to all those new customers that’s coming from your snazzy new website!

Say it in style on John Henry paper

Remember the days when lovers wrote handwritten notes to each other? Gone are those romantic days…or maybe not. Nothing says it more intimately than John Henry paper. With Hana you can have your personalized notes included in your birthday or anniversary bouquet to make it really special. Hana supports a wide range John Henry pre-designed themes and custom-branded delivery notes for easy printing and beautifully noted bouquets. Say it in style with Hana and John Henry paper.

Keep your customers coming back with Hana

Modern florists need modern solutions to stay ahead of increasingly tough competition. Hana Florist POS is developed to give the independent flower shop owner everything he or she needs to run their business the way it’s meant to. Our complete range of marketing tools helps you reach out and engage existing and new customers without breaking a sweat.

Take advantage of our amazing offer for a FREE website and FREE access to our Hana Bud Plan to get your flower shop off the ground and ready to beat out 1-800 companies. Hana is the American and Canadian floral POS of choice thanks to the solutions we’ve designed with you in mind. Get in touch today!

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