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The Most Effective Lead Generation Techniques For Your Online Flower Shop

Lead Generation is a common term in digital marketing. For any ecommerce Florist business, it’s vital to apply some lead generation techniques in favor of the business. Below we have discussed everything from what lead generation is and how to successfully generate lead for your online flower shop.

What is lead generation and why is it needed?

Lead Generation is the process of getting your target group interested in your product or service. Lead generation techniques can vary significantly based on your business type, industry, or target group. In your case, i.e. for your online flower business, you know you have generated a lead when someone makes a purchase, or takes an action that indicates that they might purchase from you in future. These actions include:

  • Signing up for your email list
  • Creating account on your website
  • Following your social media channels

Lead generation techniques for your flower business online:

Here are some basic and yet highly effective lead generation techniques for your online flower shop.

1. Valuable content creation

If you want to build a loyal follower base around your business, then you should act upon being helpful and valuable for your existing and potential customers. People won’t follow you for buying flowers, rather, they’ll follow you if you provide interesting, entertaining, as well as useful content regarding flowers and related stuff.

Starting a blog section and uploading regular blogs can be a big help for this purpose. You can share information about common and rare cut flowers, how to take care of them, how to use them for decoration and other purposes, and more. You can also choose subjects like which flowers to choose for which occasions, seasonal flowers, flower meanings, and a lot more interesting subjects around them. Make your content attractive with beautiful images and videos. This will increase your website’s domain authority and you’ll be able to generate more leads as a result. 

2. Search Engine Optimization

SEO or search engine optimization is an important task at hand when you are trying to generate lead for your business. A lot of your website traffic comes directly from search engines. This is why you need to get a good rank on search results. When a potential customer searches for online flower delivery services in your area, the higher your website appears on the search result, the better chances there is that the customer will visit your website. Local SEO helps you with that task. For better SEO for florist, you need to optimize your content by adding related keywords, improving the structure and readability, and most importantly, being helpful and relevant. Blogs, website content, social media content, all of them contribute positively to SEO.

3. Pay Per Click ads

Although SEO is a great tool for organic marketing that generates long-term and sustainable results, sometimes you need something quicker and more assuring. This is where pay per click ads come in. When you create a pay per click ad, search engines will display your ad on search results, and charge you only when someone actually clicks on them. It is easy to set up and takes very little time. Also, it doesn’t depend on chance factors like SEO, rather, you’re paying Google to show your result on top. So, it comes with an assurance.

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4. Building a significant social media following 

Social media is a huge lead magnet on its own. For a retail business like yours, instagram and facebook are the best platforms to win some leads. Building a significant presence on social media takes time, much like SEO. You can use these platforms to attract customers through amazing pictures, videos, stories, reels, and updates. Being consistent and establishing an authentic connection with the community is very important for winning leads through social media. You can also offer perks and special benefits to your followers in forms of coupons, discount codes, free shipping options, etc. these rewards will garner more interest among them.

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5. Email marketing

Getting your website visitors and social media followers to sign up for your email updates is a great way to generate lead. By collecting their email address, you can reach out to those one time visitors who don’t really plan on making a purchase at the moment, but might end up becoming a customer later on. You can send reminders about an abandoned cart, product updates, discount coupons, or even share cool content published on your website, all with the purpose of lead generation.

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6. Enabling cookies

Ask permissions for accessing cookies on your visitor’s web browser. Cookies benefit an ecommerce site in a lot of way. Through cookies, you can identify returning customers and access their browsing patterns and preferences. Using them, you can showcase personalized and more relevant content to your visitors which will increase their interest, and ultimately compel them to make a purchase.

7. Push notifications

Push notifications are very effective for not only lead generation but also lead conversion. When a visitor enables push notifications, you can send intimations about ongoing and new offers, special deals, product updates, and more. This will eventually make the visitor more interested in your offerings, and they might end up subscribing to your newsletters, creating a customer account, or even make a purchase.

8. Create a lead magnet

A lead magnet is an interesting tool to have in your arsenal. It is a reward for your potential customers in exchange for a desirable action from their end. For example, get them to open a free account and offer them a $20 store credit, or ask them to sign up for your newsletter and gift them a 25% coupon code usable on their first order. This way, you’ll create the chance of a long-term association with them, and can eventually convert them into customers. 

You can put up a lead magnet either on your homepage or as a popup when a visitor tries to leave. Social media is also a good place to put up lead magnets from time to time.

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