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How To Arrange Flowers Like Pro: Quick Guide

Designing unique flower arrangements requires some learning. There are basic techniques that you must know if you are exploring the floral industry. To get started with learning the art of floral design and arranging flower bouquets here’s all you can do. 

Learning the Art of Floral Design

Video Tutorials

You can easily start learning about floral designs with the help of video tutorials. There are a lot of YouTube videos by popular floral designers that can guide you in designing bouquets. Whether it is a simple flower bouquets or designer displays, you can learn about them from these video tutorials. Along with designing arrangements, these videos also list the tools you will need as a florist. 

Florist Books

Other than videos, books are a great source of learning. There are several books on floral designs that are a must-read for florists. With the help of these books, you can learn about cultivating flowers, making unique displays, creating wedding bouquets, flower decoration ideas, etc. The essential books for florists contain techniques, how-to methods, tips, and suggestions for creating displays. Further, you can also take inspirations from the attractive images in these florist books. 

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How to Arrange Flowers: A Step-by-Step Process

Now that you know the sources to learn floral designs, create a few using this step-by-step process. Use your thought, technique, and aesthetics to create striking arrangements. 

1. Create a design

Decide the flower arrangement design. Pick the color scheme – monochromatic display, pastel shades, or pop colors. Once you’ve decided, get the flowers and pick the greens based on the pattern you want to create. You can experiment to see what shapes, sizes, and colors look the best when they come together and create unique flower bouquets.

2. Prepare the flowers

Before flower installation, you need to cut and get them ready. Remove thorns, damaged petals, extra-long stems, extra leaves, and unwanted buds. Once cleaned, cut the fresh stems diagonally and put them in a vessel with cut flower food. 

3. Pick the vessel

When choosing a vase, pick them based on the flowers you are using. For instance, tulips need the support of a straight-sided vase. You can use cute boxes and cylindrical vases for tulips. Further, you can use woven baskets, regular items like paper cups, glass jars, etc. to make your flower arrangement ideas unique.

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4. Prepare the vase

The flower foundation must be strong. Use floral frog or foam to stick the stems properly. Insert pins and position the flowers as you want. Also, create a grid with floral tape to ensure that the flowers stay put in their places. 

5. Create a green base

Only flowers decorated in a vase look good but with some greenery, they look better. Ivy, eucalyptus, ferns, and wild berries make the arrangement look more enchanting. So, start with the greenery first, and then place your flowers. Recut the stems if needed.

6. Place focal flowers

Focal flowers are the largest blooms or the ones with unusual color and texture. Placing the focal flowers on the sides may make them look droopy. So, try placing them in the centers. Use a lazy Susan to see the different angles without moving the vase. 

7. Add the fillers

Filler flowers are the smaller ones that add a texture to the arrangement. Add delphiniums, poms, phlox, etc. on the sides of the focal flowers. Again, don’t place them all in one place. Consider the design you thought of and give the arrangement a shape. 

8. Complete the look

Complete the arrangement by adding floaters or delicate blooms. Place sedum, baby’s breath, etc. from the top so that they do not get squished. Finish off by spraying some water or crowning glory floral spray before displaying. 

Creating flower arrangements can be fun. It sparks your creativity. Ensure to keep an open mind and explore your own styles to create unique flower bouquets.

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