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7 Marketing Ideas To Boost Floral Sales This Summer

Do you have a floral ecommerce website that’s not yielding much business for you? It’s time to get serious with your marketing endeavors and generate some much-needed leads for your florist website. Below you’ll find 5 easy and highly-effective digital marketing techniques that will boost flower sales on your flower shop website. Read some marketing tips and tricks to boost summer floral sales

1. Get ready for various summer occasions

Summer flower bouquet

Summer occasions flower bouquet

Summer season comes with various occasions, festivities, and celebrations. Get ready to cater to all of these special occasions for your customers. Offer unique and special flower arrangements for different occasions. Also, promote these event-specific product lines heavily. Publish regular blogs and run marketing campaigns on different channels well before the actual dates of the events in order to generate enough traffic before the D-day. Here are some summer events that you should prepare for:

  • World Environment Day
  • Father’s Day
  • 4th of July
  • International Friendship Day

Apart from these, you should also prepare for celebratory occasions such as:

  • Weddings and Engagements
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • New Baby
  • Housewarming
  • Get Well Soon

And more.

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2. Get website-ready for summer

Before the summer season begins, there are a few things that you should do in order to get your website ready for the busy season. Here are a few ideas:

2.1. Create a summer-special page on website

Create a summer-special page on your website and share all information related to summer offers and anything special that is happening during the season. You can announce special deals and discounts, share summer flower-related blogs and articles, showcase special summer product lines, and more here.

2.2. Launch a summer subscription

Since people tend to buy more flowers during the summer season, thanks to the easy availability and the level of versatility in flowers, you can launch a special summer subscription for the summer season. Define the timeline for the summer subscription clearly, as well as the frequency of sending summer flowers. Offer various different deals for different budgets and make it seem lucrative enough so that customers feel interested in taking up a subscription.

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2.3. Launch summer-special product line

A summer-special product line is also very much anticipated by your customers. So, create some special floral arrangements with flowers that are available only during the summer. Make them limited-edition so that it creates a sense of urgency in customers, and they feel more interested in purchasing them.

3. Update and get listed

Florist Google my Business Profile

Florist Google my Business Profile

It is also important that you keep all your online business profiles updated such as:

3.1. Floral marketplace

If you are a part of any floral marketplaces, then check regularly and update your information at regular intervals to keep your audience up-to-date with any changes in your business.

3.2. Yelp profile

The same goes for Yelp profiles. As it is the audience’s favorite platform for leaving reviews, you should be extra alert with your Yelp profile. Be courteous and polite, and try to reply to each and every review, whether positive or negative, with sincerity and modesty.

3.3. Google my business profile

It is the most important online profile for you, as it improves your local SEO and shows up on search engines when customers make a search. Always keep them up to date with every piece of information on Google my business profile and leverage local SEO to the fullest.

4. Promote your floral brand

Google Ads Florist Marketing

Google Ads Florist Marketing

Promote your brand vigorously and make your audience aware of your brand. Content marketing, brand partnerships, community engagements etc. are some of the ways which will help you define your brand value and create brand awareness. Apart from that, you can also try the following:

4.1. Collaborate with an influencer

Choose an influencer whose primary niche aligns with yours and whose followers match with your target audience. Keep it authentic and consistent in order to come to the limelight.

4.2. Run Google Ads

Google ads help generate the quick traction that you need at times, when organic marketing is taking too long to work. Pay special attention to your ad copy and make sure it clearly defines what you are offering.

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4.3. Run Social Media Ads

Social media ads generate a high volume of result. Be consistent and define your target through the ads well enough to attract the right set of audience.

4.4. Email Marketing

Email marketing works very well, especially with your existing customers. So, run regular email marketing campaigns and attract your old customers to make regular purchases.

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5. Use Social Media as a marketing tool

Social media for florist

Social media for florist

Social Media has emerged as the greatest marketing platform in recent times. After all, the ability to narrow down the target audience based on various metrics is unmatched by any other mode of marketing. While marketing on social media, create various types of posts such as:

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5.1. Video Post

Create beautiful floral videos, give a sneak-peak with behind-the-scene videos, or share video reviews from customers

5.2. Flower arrangement post

Offer educational posts on how to create floral arrangements, share DIY flower work ideas, and other creative ideas with flowers.

5.3. Polls

Create fun polls and ask your audience to participate. You can use the poll data for actual surveys, and improve your services. 

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6. Sales offers

Summer Sale

Summer Sale

You can also try different sales offers in order to win new customers and retain the existing ones. Here are a few techniques to try:

6.1. Offer free flower delivery in local areas

Free delivery is always an appealing option for local customers. There’s nothing more convenient than ordering flowers from the comfort of your home, and not having to pay extra to get them delivered to your doorstep. Offer this whenever possible to increase sales.

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6.2. Offer product bundles

Product bundling is when you combine two or more products together and offer them at a price lower than the original collective price of the individual items. Offering product bundles is an enticing offer for customers, as they get more products at less prices, while it is profitable for the business too as it increases sales.

6.3. Offer Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are long-time investments for a brand that aim at creating long-lasting relationships with customers. To enjoy the benefits of a successful loyalty program, keep the terms simple, the rewards appealing, and offer value-for-money deals to customers.

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7. Get store ready for the summer season

florist point of sale software

Like your website, you should do a few things for your offline store too. Decorate the premises beautifully with seasonal flowers. Create an outdoor display with saleable items, and more.

7.1. Create limited-edition summer products

Display limited-edition summer products outside your store and entice the customers to make a purchase.

7.2. Participate in local fairs

In order to attract local customers, engage with them every chance you get. Participating in local fairs and other events will help you attract the spotlight, and make customers aware of your services.

7.3. Organize summer workshop

Also organize workshops and events for the local kids, teens or adults in your area. Educate and train them in floristry, and in the process, make a brand name for yourself.

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Doing all these will help you boost up sales during the summer season in the best possible way. Marketing is an ongoing process, so, don’t stop the process when you feel like you are meeting your targets, or get in touch now with Hana Florist POS Experts! Rather, keep doing all these things consistently so that it helps your business to grow to new heights. Happy flowering!

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