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10 marketing tips for online florists to increase sales in 2022

Digital marketing is a vast and complex subject, albeit extremely necessary for running an ecommerce business. As a small business in the floral industry, here are some simple steps to up your marketing game easily.

1. Register with Google My Business

First and foremost, make sure that your business is easily discoverable and visible by all. List your business with Google My Business as soon as you can to enjoy all the amazing benefits that it offers. By doing so, you’ll appear on maps, and will be visible as a local business when someone in your area searches for floral shops. It also allows users to leave ratings and reviews for your business, which in turn further helps you to win new customers. It also shows you relevant insights regarding your visitors and their behavior which you can use to your advantage. When it comes to SEO for florists online, this is one of the best tools in your arsenal.

2. Create a stunning website

If you’re conducting an online business, it’s only fair that you build a website that is informative, simple yet attractive, and super easy to navigate through. When you operate a physical shop, you put effort into decorating it and making it eye-catching. Same goes for ecommerce too, where the website is your shop. Make sure that you upload clear and vivid product descriptions and high-quality images. You should optimize your website for both mobile and desktop, and make sure the loading time is fast enough. Also, optimize each page for SEO with keyword-rich descriptions. You should also use an uncomplicated layout where customers can browse through your products  and make their purchase easily, without any hassle.

When you use a florist POS system like Hana florist POS, you can take this daunting task out of your mind. Hana POS helps you create the most impactful website for your online floral businesses.

3. Start a blog

One of the best techniques of improving SEO for florists is starting a blog section on your website. When it comes to florist marketing, blogs are a winner. You can not only educate and inform your target audience through blogs, but also generate leads, attract customers, and make more sales through this. It derives organic and long-term results for florist marketing.

4. Create witty social media posts

Similarly, you should also leverage the power of social media to your advantage. Creating business profiles on different social media channels including facebook, instagram, youtube, and pinterest is one of the most effective ways of marketing your online flower shop. It increases brand awareness, drive more inbound traffic, and helps improve customer acquisition and retention. It is very cost-effective, and offers long-term benefits towards your marketing goals. Social media posts should be visually attractive, smart and witty, short, and yet impactful.

5. Email marketing 

Email marketing is another useful florist marketing strategy that you should explore. With email marketing, you can do a number of useful things like reach out to an already-interested target audience easily and effectively. You can get started with email marketing very fast and with a limited budget and use it for many purposes. You can perform tasks like conducting surveys, making announcements, offering discounts and coupons to drive more sales, etc. 

6. Google Adwords for paid marketing 

For paid marketing, Google Adwords is one of the best tools that you can use. With Google Adwords, you can create different types of ads including PPC, banner ads, video ads, website ads, and more. You can run different campaigns and measure their effectiveness easily. You can also control your budget and create campaigns depending on it.

7. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has quickly become one of the most effective and popular marketing techniques in the last few years. For florist marketing too, you can use this to boost your sales and reach a wide array of your target audience. With influencer marketing, you can create long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with influencers and enjoy the many benefits that they offer. It helps you to establish more trust and credibility in the market. It also helps your website SEO and drives more inbound traffic, and not to mention, it also lets you have an immediate surge in sales.

8. Encourage customers to  leave a rating and review

Wordnts are, and choose your battles wisely. For example, if they have a million followers on facebook and you only a few thousands, it will be difficult for you to beat them there in a short amount of time. Rather, choose another platform like instagram and twitter and build your tribe there. 

9. Use analytics  to measure your marketing effectiveness

Analytics tools are another amazingly helpful feature to help your marketing campaigns. It measures and interprets the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. For example, it lets you know which marketing channels are bringing more traffic, which ones are actually converting those leads, which ones are not work-of-mouth marketing is the most effective marketing strategy for any retail business. With digital marketing, ratings and reviews work in a similar manner. When your potential target audiences see more and more good reviews, they will feel more inspired and interested in making a purchase from your online store. It helps you to improve the trust factor in the market. Also, negative reviews can be helpful too. They show you where you went wrong and let you rectify your mistakes.

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10. Study your competition  and make a difference

If you want to stay ahead of competition, you must think outside the box sometimes. And to do so, you must come up with your own USP, something that’s unique and exclusive for your brand. Researching about the competition is an important step to do so. Find out what your competitor’s strong and weak poiing, and so on.

Hana Florist POS comes with an efficient analytics tool that helps you do all these things easily and effectively.

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