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Need Of Mobile Friendly Website for Florist

Websites for florists are important as it builds your online presence. It also helps you to showcase your products/services better. However, in 2022, it is not enough to simply own a flower website. You must have mobile-friendly Florist websites.

With almost everyone holding a smartphone, mobile-responsive websites have become extremely important. As of 2022, 58.26% of all website traffic comes from mobile phones as compared to 56.53% in 2021. So, if you do not make it convenient for customers to contact you easily from their favorite and handy smartphones, you may lose out.

Here are 5 reasons why florist must make your website mobile friendly:

1. Drives online sales

You can make speedy sales to mobile users if you have a mobile-responsive website. Several people browse the web from their smartphones during leisure time. If you make the ordering process seamless for mobile users, you can drive online sales significantly.  

2. Improves user experience

A mobile-friendly website design is like a wish come true for customers who love making quick purchases now and then. Also, it is annoying when you have to spend hours for a website to load. Hence, to improve user experience, the best flower websites ensure that their sites are mobile-friendly. It enhances the customer experience drastically.

3. Improves Google ranking

Google considers user experience as one of the key factors to rank websites. If you have a mobile web design, chances are that Google will recommend your website and will rank it higher in the search results. This helps you to push your website ranking higher than that of your competitors. 

4. Get mobile marketing opportunities 

Did you know that 84.2% of people in the US use their phones for internet access? That means you can take this opportunity to market your brand to consumers via their mobiles. For example, you can send push notifications to customers or promote your florist mobile app or website through pop-ups. You can even use SMS marketing for sales promotions. Thus, more people will come to know of your business. However, you must ensure that the mobile version of your website works seamlessly while customers navigate through the various products and services. 

5. Keeps you ahead of the competition

When running a business, staying ahead of your fellow competitors is important. You must impress customers with everything better than that of your competitors – product, service, customer experience, hassle-free ordering, delivery, etc. In short, you must stay one step ahead of them. For instance, if your competitors have mobile-responsive websites, you can invest in a mobile florist app that ensures flawless ordering in just a few taps. But before getting an app, get a mobile-responsive website that attracts more traffic and helps you to expand your customer base. 

As more consumers shop via their mobile devices, mobile-responsive websites and apps have become necessary. Google mobile-friendly website information or statistics to discover how mobile traffic has surged in the past decade. Once you understand the trends, you can plan your mobile-friendly florist website accordingly. Or get the Hana POS system for florists which will take care of all your business needs. From building a mobile-friendly website to creating winning digital marketing strategies, it will benefit you in more ways than you can imagine! Get in touch now!

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