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How to Use Pinterest For Florists?

Pinterest can be quite an inspirational platform for florists. With over 454 million monthly active users across the globe, it is the 14th largest social network. Floral pin on Pinterest is a rage. You can pin your fresh and unique floral ideas to gain more followers. Plus, you can also get inspiration from floral pins posted by others. 

Even though Pinterest is immensely useful, not many florists are aware of its usefulness. So, we decided to come up with this blog solely dedicated to giving you an understanding of the Pinterest platform.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is more of a discovery network than a social networking platform. Think of it as a virtual pin and boards. It allows you to keep your ideas organized and lets you share them with other people. On the Pinterest platform, you can gather and pin beautiful things from the web. Then they use it to plan their weddings, events, decorate homes, workspace, or even organize their favorite recipes. 

There are a few other reasons why people use Pinterest:

  • Create and express ideas, images relevant to their life
  • Explore random topics
  • Discover new things to buy, read, or look at
  • Share ideas, recommend things to others

All in all, you can use Pinterest to enhance your word-of-mouth marketing. Plus, browse pinboards, discover new things, and get inspiration from people with similar interests as yours.

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How to create a florist account on Pinterest?

To get started with your florist Pinterest business, you need to create a Pinterest account first. Here are the easy steps to successfully create your Pinterest account.

  • Sign up as your florist website or business. You can also sign up as a personal account to figure out the platform first.
  • After you are done signing up, you will be asked to choose topics that interest you. Here, Pinterest will suggest to you people with similar interests whom you can follow.

Note: Following people is not personal on Pinterest like on Facebook. So, follow the ones you find to be the most inspirational. 

  • Create Pin and boards. Pinterest does this for you. Keep the ones that you like or delete them using the edit option. 
  • To create new pin and boards, click on ‘Add+’ and discover several ways to set up your boards. 

There you go! Your flower Pinterest business is ready to roll and boost your marketing!

How to create floral pins on Pinterest?

Pinning can be fun once you learn how to do it. 

All you have to do is click on the Pinterest logo that appears at the top of the main pins page. Here, you will find the entire collection of recently added pins. If you follow people, you will see their pins on this page. Plus, you get to choose pins of different categories.  

Click on the ‘Everything’ option below the Pinterest logo. You will be able to view all the different categories of pins. Suppose you loved a Pinterest floral design, just hover over the image and click on the ‘Repin’ option. From the drop-down menu, choose the board where you want to pin the floral Pinterest design. Plus, you can also opt to create a new vision board from the Repin window. 

Now, you might be thinking about pinning your own stuff! Maybe that awesome White Lilies Bouquet you created yesterday or that daisy image from the internet! So, whether the content is from your own florist website or the internet, you can pin those images too. Click the ‘Add+’ on the top to start with.

To pin an image from the internet, choose the ‘Add a pin’ option from the ‘Add+’ window. Then, copy-paste the page URL of the image and choose the image that you want to pin. Enter a description for the pin. 

Note: Remember to give credits if you are pinning anything that belongs to someone else. 

To pin your own picture, choose the ‘Upload A Pin’ from the ‘Add+’ window. Then upload the image you want to pin. Add a description and then click on ‘see pins’ to view the finished pin.

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How to Create a Pinterest flower shop?

The process of increasing sales with Pinterest can be fun. 

  • First off, create a florist Pinterest account (We have provided the steps above!)
  • Second, get started with creating floral design Pinterest pinboards
  • And lastly, link your floral photos to your Florist website

Below, we have described in detail the process to increase sales with your florist Pinterest business.

After you have created your florist account on Pinterest, write a short and sweet About section. Describe what you do and optimize this space with florist SEO keywords. For instance, if you are a florist in Chicago, mention ‘Chicago Florist’ in your About section. 

Further, add your social media profile or page links, florist website links to ensure that your customers can easily connect with you. 

The next step is to create a florist board wherein you can pin all your Pinterest floral arrangements. You can create a pin and board for your wedding flower bouquets, one for Christmas bouquets, and another for your regular blooms. 

Your pins will attract viewers. Create pins consistently and make sure that the maps function well for customers to locate your business on a map. Google and other search engines will help to increase your business recognition and show you as a leading florist in your area

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