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How your point of sale system can become your best florist marketing tool

Many floral shop owners are creatives at heart, with a knack for business. They don’t always like to focus on things like marketing efforts and the overheads involved with these strategies and campaigns, which is why many florists don’t have a marketing budget set aside for these initiatives. But what if your POS system can double as a strategic tool to attract more business for you? Here are just a few ways that Hana Florist POS can double as a floral marketing tool.

Ways Hana Florist POS can double as a floral marketing tool

Reach out on specific occasions

Hana Florist POS is a central point for capturing all of the information you need about your customers. If a customer has a birthday or an anniversary coming up, you can reach out to congratulate them and let them know about any relevant specials or promotions. You can also offer clients a special discount on their special days. Not only is this a personalized marketing approach, but it’s the type of individualized attention that can set you apart from your competitors.

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Keep customers updated about new seasonal arrivals and promotions

Are you running a Valentine’s Day special? Or maybe the month of September is a busy wedding season in your area?  You can send out targeted email campaigns with a click of a button with Hana Florist POS that doubles as a florist marketing tool.

Create loyalty programs

From anywhere in the Florist POS system, any order can quickly and easily be pulled up with a complete history of each order. This can serve as the backbone of any potential loyalty program that you are considering for your business. Perhaps you have regular corporate clients or loyal customers who come and buy bouquets each week. Reward these people by putting them into a separate customer group that receives loyalty discounts and promotions.


Flowershop customer loyalty

Lead nurturing

When you have a customer database with all of your customers’ information, you can communicate with them on their preferred platforms and send them targeted information that speaks to their needs. Hana Florist POS allows you to email, SMS or even Skype call customers with a click of a button. You know your business better than anyone and you will know what type of information each target audience will need to receive to take them further down the sales funnel. This POS system makes lead nurturing easy, efficient, affordable and effective.

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Free up your time for better online marketing initiatives

As a florist, you are probably already bogged down with daily administrative duties such as scheduling pickups and deliveries, balancing your accounting books and following up on large bouquet and floral arrangement orders. Hana Florist POS makes all of these takes paperless and much quicker than ever before, which can free up your time so that you can start posting more pictures to your social media followers, focusing on how you can update your website for seasonal spikes and trends or how you can better connect with your in-store customers through bouquet displays.

Hana Florist POS is easy and quick to set up. You can get started today seeing as there is no need to install any hardware or software or change your credit card provider. The system supports Quickbooks accounting software integration and it doesn’t need any upfront licensing fees. Get started with a free trial or contact us for more information today.

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