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Proven methods to enhance your Flower Shops POS Systems

Flowers can brighten a person’s day. Unfortunately, an underwhelming POS platform would lead to quite the opposite for flower shop businesses. A lot goes into the business, from trimming and arranging the plants to storage and delivery. The last thing any flower shop owner would want is a Florist POS that disrupts the workflow.

It is necessary to keep your customer satisfied at all times. Happiness and celebrations are what the flower business is all about. However, this is nearly impossible when the business turns hectic. And worse still, if your florist software doesn’t work the way you expect.

You’ll need a platform that you can trust every day, seven days a week. You’ll need a florist point of sale that goes the extra mile to leave a winning impression every time. Businesses will also need to keep up with the latest trends in the expanding POS market, expected to reach $29.09 billion by 2025.

The modern customer seeks personalized experiences, and flower businesses provide sentimental gifts (more so than many other businesses). A trusty florist POS platform provides a memorable customer experience by combining those factors. There are a few critical factors to consider before choosing a florist software.

Vast Wire Service Network

Wire services ensure that flower deliveries extend far and wide for a larger pool of customers. Unfortunately, a florist POS with poor wire service integrations requires tedious manual processes. Such processes take up a considerable overhead cost. Quality florist POS platforms help maintain a healthy and vast network of collaborations with wire services.

These integrations enable seamless orders and deliveries for greater customer outreach. Therefore, a well-integrated florist point of sale system allows business owners to manage all their orders from a one-stop HQ without fuss.

Multipurpose Built-in Tools

The best florist POS systems go above and beyond regular payment, invoicing, stocktaking, and product delivery features. Since flower shop business owners already subscribe to a florist software plan, it’s only natural that they’d wish to make their money’s worth. It’s highly advantageous to pick a florist software that adds a punch to ongoing business operations.

Some of the most practical add-ons include:

Built-in email marketing features

Intuitive templates enable users to craft beautifully rendered customer emails that accompany each floral delivery. Marketing features may also include the tracking of customer activities and other metrics that enhance email campaigns. Such features could boost the business during seasonal celebrations when there’s a surge of sales.

Flower companies may enjoy considerable returns in upcoming years, with expert reports predicting the floral gifting markets to grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of over 5% during 2020–2025.

Built-in Event Proposals

Weddings and events are some of the most significant income sources for flower shop businesses. A quality florist POS software can help shop owners craft, store, and send top-tier wedding/event proposals that optimize their chances of getting the job. Built-in Interactive features like deposit collection and shopping list printing, can boost user experiences. Approve proposals, edit budgets, and manage all aspects of the event from a single touchpoint.

Other built-in marketing features

Automated features like birthday or anniversary reminders could help flower shops foster strong long-term relationships with customers. Some marketing tools collect customer feedback (linked to popular platforms like Yelp or Google Reviews). These reviews can help shape loyalty programs and form customer call lists for improved communication.

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SMS Services

SMS services remain one of the most personal and effective ways to get a message across. Quality florist POS systems should offer automated SMS services that provide customers with swift notifications. The system will deliver these messages upon receiving an order and sending it out. Dynamic SMS messages can catch the attention of your customer and bring a sense of sincerity and promptness.

Mobile App

Most marketing campaigns and business operations have taken a mobile-first approach, and flower shops should not lag. Ericsson’s 2020 Mobility report predicts a 25% increase in mobile use by 2025 – suggesting increased accessibility to more customers. Premium florist point of sale systems function best with dedicated mobile apps. These provide quality communication portals with dispatch drivers while they are on the move.

Intuitive apps offer real-time delivery tracking via geofencing and capture digital signatures for improved delivery efficiency. These added conveniences will raise the professionalism of your brand and strengthen customer relations.

Hana Florist POS Software – The Florist POS System of Tomorrow

Hana Florist POS is a cutting edge, all-in-one florist POS provider for your flower shop needs. We offer all the features listed above and more to empower modern flower shop owners with comprehensive tools to blossom their businesses. Our software goes beyond billing and tracking to provide the secret sauce that keeps your customers returning for more.

We will help bridge the gap between customers and their florists to promote an ongoing relationship that lasts. Customers have the option of creating an account with the Hana Florist POS to enjoy personalized shopping experiences.

Hana Florist POS Software’s other game-changing features include:

Paperless billing

Save the environment and maintain contactless transactions with our easy payment process solutions. Additionally, market research states that 59% of businesses going paperless achieved full ROI in less than 12 months. Deliver receipts straight to your customer via text or email.

Cloud-based Storage

We store our precious user data in the Cloud  (over 47% of enterprises turn to Cloud migration for cost optimization) for fuss-free management and retrievable wherever you are. Also, we provide optimal data encryption, so you’ll never have to worry about losing your precious information. Learn more or enjoy a free trial today to experience the difference!

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