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Top Reasons To Provide Multiple Addon Selection With Floral Products

As a florist business owner, one of the key decisions you will have to make is whether or not to provide add-ons or additional products your customers can purchase along with their flower orders. At first glance, offering extras may seem like an unnecessary hassle. However, we are here to tell you that providing multiple add-on options can significantly boost your sales and customer satisfaction in some surprising ways.

It gives customers more bang for their buck

People always want to feel like they’re getting a good deal. By including little extras that complement the main item, you’re essentially giving your customers a bundled package at the same price. This perceived extra value can encourage impulse purchases and make them feel good about shopping with you.

For example, if someone is buying a bouquet for a special occasion, you might offer gift boxes, balloons, chocolates, or other small tokens they can add on for only a few dollars more. Suddenly that $50 bouquet is a $55 gift package – and it seems like more for the money to the customer.

It encourages future repeat visits

Once people get used to being able to customize their orders on your site, they develop an expectation that upgrade options will always be available next time too. This increases their habit of checking your florist business first for their gifting needs. And if someone discovers they love a particular card or candle you offer as an addon during one visit, chances are they’ll grab another for their next gift exchange as well. Over time, you build loyalty through these small but meaningful touches.

Addons encourage larger basket sizes

Once people start seeing the various little extras available, it primes them to think bigger about their purchase. Addons work like suggestive selling – seeing the options makes people more open to spending a little more.

If someone comes in for just flowers, you’ve got them also contemplating vases, flower food, greeting cards, or other small dollar items to complement their arrangement. Before they know it, their $30 order has ballooned to $50 or more simply because they gravitated toward filling their virtual “basket” with extras.

It provides upsell opportunities

Anytime a business can offer an upgrade or add-on, it presents a chance to gently nudge sales higher. Having a robust selection of extras on hand gives your staff talented ways to suggest enhancements to the original item.

For example, if someone is looking just at basic roses, your staff could sliding suggest also looking at premium calla lilies or orchids. Or if they’re assembling a small arrangement, recommend upgrading to a larger vase or adding ribbon or greenery. Nine times out of ten, suggestions like this will boost average order value without seeming pushy if presented casually.

Addons create a sense of abundance

When stepping into a flower shop, people want to feel like they’ve stumbled upon a miniature garden paradise overflowing with beautiful choices. Strategically displaying a wide selection of extras helps strengthen this image of abundance and options in the customers’ minds.

Rather than only shelves of flower bouquets, showing vases, candles, chocolates and more arranged attractively gives a boutique feel of discoverability. It signals that this isn’t just a no-frills flower transaction but a shopping experience where they can find something special. An abundant selection leads people to imagine all the possibilities and relax in browsing mode.

Upside doesn’t depend on high addon attach rates

While it would be ideal to see 30-50% of customers adding on extras, the truth is even a 10-20% attach rate can mean significant revenue gains. Since addons have a very low-cost basis, just a few extra sales per dozen can multiply your margins in a big way.

Considering most florists have dozens or hundreds of customer transactions per week, getting 1 in 5 people to add a $5 box or balloon can very conservatively add $50-$100 to your bottom line every single week. Over time, those numbers become hugely impactful for your business – even with modest conversion rates.

It allows for targetted marketing

On the back end, having a versatile addon framework means you can personalize campaigns to what you know about individual customers. Someone who formerly added chocolates could receive recommendation emails showcasing your seasonal chocolate gifts. Or you may remarket to past shoppers who checked out that artisanal candle by featuring similar aromatherapy items. This improves your relevance while also reactivating interest through gentle nudges. Those who seemed open to occasional splurges present a promising audience for promotions.

While adding extra products seems simple, managing selection, presentation, suggestive selling, and tracking performance can quickly get complex. This is where a purpose-built Floral POS system like Hana Florist POS really pays off. Sign up today!

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