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Result Driven SEO Tactics For Florists

Scratching your head to come up with a result driven florist website SEO strategy? Here’s a step-by-step guide for you.

Define your goals

First thing first- before you start creating a solid SEO strategy for your florist website, you need to clearly define your goal, i.e. what you want to achieve from the campaign. Whether it’s lead generation you’re after, looking to drive more traffic, or trying to improve your branding, your next steps should depend largely on this.

Analyze the competition

Next up in your task-sheet of SEO for florists is analyzing and learning about your competition. Ideally, you should minutely study at least 8-10 of your closest competitors. Finding out about their SEO tactics, the keywords they’re ranking for, and the Target Audience group they are mostly after, you can get a head-start instead of beginning from scratch. You can also find out about their weak points and focus on those vertices to quickly get rankings on them.

Perform keyword research

After you’ve done the peripheral research, start with the deep researching. Florist SEO keywords are the pillars that your whole SEO strategy stand on. If you want to get a foothold quickly when you’re just starting out, target those keywords that have low competition and moderate search volumes. Once you start ranking for them, then target the high search volume keywords that also have high competition. Not just primary keywords, you should create a good list of LSI and Long-Tail keywords that will quickly generate results.

Create a list of Content topics

Now that you have finalized the keyword list, create relevant, helpful, and interesting topics around them. As a florist business, the ideas for content topics are almost endless. You can write about different flower types, their symbolism, usages, floral seasons, and a lot more. You should also create topics around the products and the services you offer to inform and educate your audience.

Find out the search intent

Before you convert the topic ideas into actual content, you also need to do some research about the search intent. This will be immensely helpful by providing value for your audience. You can find out the search intent for specific keywords simply by using florist google trends. Just search with the keyword in google, and you’ll see questions suggested below. By studying them, you can easily understand exactly what your audience are looking for. Google trends for florists make it easier for you to understand the search intent.

Convert Content topics into various forms of content pieces

Finally, it’s time to create actual content around the topics and the keywords. Create various types of long-form and short-form content that are interesting and enjoyable, as well as informative. Create different types of content for different channels, for example, blogs for your website, infographics and short posts for Facebook, picture-based content for Instagram, and so on.

Analyze your ROI to measure the success of your SEO tactics

Don’t forget to analyze your ROI (return on investment) periodically to measure the success of your SEO campaigns. If they’re not performing as well as you would’ve hoped, you should make changes in your strategy.

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