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Spring ideas that will wow your customers

With the changing of every season comes the familiar scents and scenery that make each one unique in their own right. But none is better known for the most beautiful flora, welcome aromas and memories of warm, lazy days at the park, than sunny Spring. After surviving the Winter cold, fewer sights and smells are more welcome than that of the flowery season.  

As early Spring bloomers begin to reclaim parks and gardens across the snow covered Northern Hemisphere, florists are also getting up a little earlier than usual to welcome the warm season that brings with it a sense of renewal and vitality.

If you’re a late riser, don’t fret, Hana’s got you covered. Here are some quick tips to get your flower shop ready for Spring.

It’s time for a Spring clean

First things first. You may have some Winter stock that hasn’t quite seen the demand you hoped for. To make room for new bouquets in your shop window, why not kick off a Winter sale to make sure you don’t end up with wilted stock in your storeroom? A “Welcome Spring Sale” is a good way to get people to your store and connect with old and new faces in your neighborhood after the cold indoorsy months.

Make use of your Winter Carnations and Ranunculus for bright and lively window decorations and incorporate them with Spring Peonies and Roses for bouquets that boast the best of the cold and sunny seasons.

Make Spring official with your store by being the first to announce that the rainy days are over. A big calendar in your store window marking the official start of Spring with special offers will be sure to attract some foot traffic.

If you’re active on social media, you’re probably letting people know what to expect from your creative talents this season, right? If not, get your ideas and designs into the social sphere and put your followers on a path to your store!

Many small business owners start social media profiles but often lack the commitment to keep at it. The secret to social stardom, however, is consistency. If you’re florist, not using platforms like Instagram on the regular is an opportunity missed, so get in there and on it – your continued efforts will be handsomely rewarded.

Okay, with your store ready for some foot traffic, let’s look at some floral arrangements that you can easily put together to wow your customers.

March: Poppies and Sweet Peas

Make a statement with vibrant colors to remind people that Spring has indeed sprung. Daffodils make some of the most beautiful standalone arrangements or combinations with other mute-colored flowers. Contrast variations of yellow, pink, salmon, orange, and red-orange in your Daffodil arrangements with Sweet Peas for a subtle balance between vibrancy and rustic beauty.

Poppies are playful and somewhat precocious in the sense that their stems grow outward as if to explore their surroundings. A quick tip for less experienced florists is to place freshly cut arrangements in a cylindrical vase with brown paper wrapped around it to keep your Poppies in an upright position. You can remove the paper once the stems stand upright on their own.

April: Lilac and Jasmine

The early weeks of April are usually accompanied by the sweet smell of Jasmine in gardens across the Northern Hemisphere. True to its reputation, Jasmine tends to make itself known in the most subtle, yet elegant ways. These delicate beauties are perfect for rustic, outdoor garden weddings, small coffee tables or even as wedding cake decor.

Jasmine goes beautifully with a combination of Sweet Peas and/or Lilac for a quaint, yet undeniably vibrant arrangement. Also, the combination of Lilac and Jasmine produces some of the most beautiful scents you can imagine, so consider making some potpourri using these since they’re both in bloom each April.

May: Peony and Roses

No flower shop in Spring is complete without paying homage to the timeless rose. But let’s not overlook the contributions the humble Lilac and pretty Peony can make to a Rose-centered arrangement. It’s almost as if the timings of these three Spring favorites are intended by Mother Nature to produce some of the most beautiful floral compositions.

Make sure you balance the powerful presence of red Roses with the subtlety that comes with soft pink Peonies and finish off your arrangement with delicate purple that characterizes Lilac. The result won’t just be a beautiful bouquet, but an explosion of scents that will let everyone know Spring has indeed sprung.

There’s no cure for creativity, so embrace it

Coming up with new floral ideas season after season can be tough, but that’s no excuse to produce predictable arrangements that we see from most high-volume floral service providers. Make your mark in the minds of your customers by producing unique and wildly creative bouquets and don’t be afraid to ask for input from your customers.

Personalized bouquets give that exclusivity people like and will make them remember your store as one that truly caters to their taste. For more creative and other ideas around what makes for a successful florist business, be sure to check back on our blog every week.

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