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Spruce up your flower shop revenue this Spring

March marks the start of the Spring season with the cold wintery white months slowly making way for glorious sun and color filled days. If you’re a florist there’s no better time to attract customers to your business like bees to nectar-giving flowers. If you’re thinking about ways to get more foot and online traffic to your flower shop business then consider the following ideas to spruce up your revenue this Spring.

Get a new website

Is wiping the slate clean and building a website from scratch too much for you to even think about? Think again; getting a new website is far easier, cheaper and less complex than days gone by. And with Spring being the perfect time for renewal, what better way to kick off the new season with a website that looks just as inviting as your actual flower shop window?

A new website is a great way to spruce up your online revenues

A new website from Hana is the perfect way to say “Happy Spring!” With a stunning range of customizable templates we designed to give florists a unique, beautiful and inspiring online presence, you can get your new website up and running in no time. Our websites let you display your floral products with stunning visual imagery that attract far more visitors than what your current website ever could. So if you’re thinking about making a real statement this Spring, check out the latest in Hana’s range of florist websites.

Fire up you email engines!

As the days get warmer, people and new blooms are emerging from homes and gardens to bring suburbs, towns and cities to life. This the perfect time for you to reconnect with customers that haven’t been around lately so why not put together a few email sequences to spread a bit of Spring cheer? 

Be the first to announce new season specials to local businesses and private customers and use your email to get feedback on what people would like to see from you this season. Check out what’s trending on the wedding scene this year and include a Spring wedding sequence to show off your bridal catalog.  Use your email marketing to drive customers to your website where they’ll get to see even more of your arrangements you’ve got lined up for the Spring months.

Home and business offices are all looking to get spruced up for Spring

Office managers will also be looking to spruce up their boardrooms and reception areas, so think of special offers for B2B cutomers that usually buy from you. In fact, create an email sequence for all your different types of customers and let them know that you’re open for business. You’ll be amazed at what just a small amount personalized email marketing can do for your Spring revenues!

Don’t waste Winter’s unwanted stock

If you have any unsold Winter stock in storage, don’t despair… and definitely don’t throw them away! Dried flowers have made somewhat of a comeback in recent years and are a great way to add volume and variety to the right bouquet. Use your overflow of Winter stock wisely by drying them and using them as beautiful fillers for your Spring arrangements. 

Dry Winter flowers are beautiful fillers for your Spring bouquets

A simple way to dry flowers is to strip excess foliage and cut the stems to the desired length. Keep the flowers out of direct sunlight to avoid losing their color whilst drying. Tie the flowers in bouquets using a rubber-band and hang them upside down in a dark, dry area with sufficient circulation. Leave flowers for two to three weeks until completely dry and spray them with hair or floral spray to preserve them.

Celebrate Easter with floral gifts and add-ons

April marks the coming of the Easter holiday and another reason to love Spring even more. Make sure your floral add-ons include a full range of chocolate eggs, easter bunnies and gift cards to complement your Easter bouquets. Flower arrangements that are a sure sell over the Easter holidays include beautiful door and wall wreaths, seasonal blooms like hyacinths, tulips, and daffodils and of course, the Easter Lily which blooms from April to June.

Celebrate religious holidays with your local community

Easter celebrations begin in churches across the country as millions flock to places of worship to commemorate this important day. Reach out to local parishes to discuss what they’ve got in mind for this year’s Easter gatherings and don’t hesitate to suggest a visit to discuss your Easter catalog.

Work with other businesses to promote your blooms

No business is an island and this is definitely true for the modern florist. With a product that has the ability to spruce up anything from a cake to a ten thousand dollar wedding dress, working with other businesses in your area is a no-brainer. Think about bakeries, gift shops, wedding planners and other businesses in your area who may also be looking for a florist business to collaborate with.

Your local bakery, for example, could give you a heads up on any Spring weddings coming up that they’re catering for. You could, conversely, order your confectionary add ons from the same bakery and strike up a great partnership in the process.

Confectionary and flowers, has there ever been a better combination?

Being a part of you local town’s celebrations is a great way to make your brand sticky and make connections with other local businesses and residents. Don’t be a wallflower when it comes to sharing your excitement about big calendar events with the world around you. As a florist, you’re expected to usher in and celebrate those important events and dates, so don’t be shy to put yourself out there. Your efforts will be handsomely rewarded.

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