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How To Start A Successful Florist Business: Tips For Budding Florists

Opening a florist business is a dream job in many ways. You get to be your own boss and share in people’s special days, and your workspace just happens to always look and smell of wonderful colors and scents. But being a florist isn’t always all roses; the day you open the doors to your flower shop is the day you truly become a business owner.

And being one comes with all the challenges and responsibilities that it takes to make a success of it. In this article, we delve into what budding flower shop owners need to know to hit the ground running in their endeavors.

Handle your product with care

Today, few things are ever recorded the pen and paper way. You’ll need to temper your romantic idea of what being a florist business owner means and gear up with modern tools that will keep your operations running smoothly. And running a flower shop can quickly turn into an expensive endeavor when certain fundamentals in your operation are lacking.

Many new owners debate the financial viability of a cooler – don’t. You’re dealing with a perishable product that also happens to be extremely delicate. Make sure your inventory and ordering systems are acutely aligned to prevent flowers from dying in your store and make sure you invest in a decent cooler to ensure their longevity.


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Know who the competition are

Traditionally, a florist business had far less competition. The days when people enjoyed walking into a flower shop to surprise a loved one with a personally delivered bouquet are now largely a thing of the past. Supermarkets and online flower shops take a significant market share these days and as a new local florist, you’ll more than likely compete against a well-established outlet, or two, in your vicinity.

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating a good reputation and remember that shops with established names can easily negotiate better pricing to beat yours. So, be strategic, choose your location wisely and find a niche for yourself and get your name out there.

Forge strong florist business partnerships

The key to success in any business is the development of strategic partnerships, and this is no different for the florist business owner. Beyond building a solid customer base, you’ll need to rely on your networking skills to forge good relations with the suppliers, staff and other businesses.

A reliable supplier of the freshest and most beautiful flowers is worth gold to any florist. You’re selling a product that is loved for its aesthetics, so make sure you source from the best – for the best price possible.

As for other businesses, think of what a bit of marketing on their behalf and vice verse could mean for both parties involved. Before long, you’ll become the go-to florist for business events. And staff? Well, not much needs to be said for the value of a happy and loyal staff member.

Rely on the right tools

Experts advise using agile business systems that structure and take care of tasks in a step-by-step process with checkpoints, allowing ease of management. Flower shops have many moving parts, don’t be fooled. From responding to orders swiftly to packaging and shipping, it all interplays and affects your ability to drive sales and maintain a healthy bottom line.

Leading florist POS software can help you improve your operations by centralizing many of the tools needed to manage various aspects of your florist business. For example, web-based point of sale systems can keep you in touch with orders and deliveries from your smartphone while you consult to clients, tend to back-office tasks or simply step out for a coffee with a friend.

Lastly, keep it simple

This is probably the best piece of advice we can give you. Many new business owners become overwhelmed by the many details that all need to line up for a business to run profitably. No business plan or piece of theory will prepare for the intricacies involved in actually running one.

Florist point of sale systems, such as Hana POS, come with a complete and customizable suite of solutions to help make the running of your florist business efficient, streamlined and most importantly, profitable. With modules and features that allow you to manage your store remotely, accurately track deliveries and process orders while managing stock effectively, you’re sure to hit the ground running as a new flower shop owner.  To learn more about how we can help you make a success of your new venture, contact us.

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