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How Technology Can Streamline Your Floral Business Process?

Using technology for streamlining your floral business is the need of the hour. After all, with the kind of technical advancements happening all around us, if you lose out on applying the correct technology for your business, it will be next to impossible for you to survive as a business.

So, how do you streamline your floral business with technology? Here’s a guide:

Audit Your Current Floral Technology System

The first step towards streamlining your business with technology is to audit your current system status. Do a thorough inspection of your business running systems and find out where all you are lacking on technology. Put special efforts in finding out areas that are weak, time-consuming, or erroneous. 

Once you figure out the places you need improvement, it’s time to explore suitable technological solutions and implementing them on your floral business.

Implement new-age technology to streamline every step of your floral business

While everyone runs their business in a unique and personalized way, as a floral business, there are a few common areas where adapting to new technologies will always be helpful. Here are some examples:

1. Replace your hardware-based infrastructure to a cloud-based one

First and foremost, move your system from a hardware-based one to a cloud-based one. This means, of you are using local storage on your electronic devices for storing up all your business data, then you should now use cloud storage for the same. Doing this will not only ensure better data safety and security and protection from accidental hardware damage, but also make remote work and collaboration between team-members easier.

2. Automate day-to-day tasks

Next, you should look for ways to automate the daily operations of your floral shop. For example, you can try a cloud POS system like Hana POS. it will automate order taking from both online and offline channels, accept payments and update the accounting details, scheduling them according to expected delivery time, assign delivery persons, track shipment status, and then mark the order as ‘delivered’ once it’s completed. This will not only save a lot of manual processing time, but also eliminate errors in the process.

3. Use an accounting software

Another place where you can apply new-age technology is the accounting process. A highly efficient accounting tool will automatically sync and feed all data related to monetary transactions to the accounting software, and process them accordingly. It will eliminate the chances of accidentally missing out a transaction and making errors as a result.

4. Start using an inventory management tool

Managing inventory for flowers, which are highly perishable and have very limited shelf life, can be a struggle. Using technology to help you in this area will definitely help you manage your inventory more efficiently, cut inventory running cost, and also reduce wastage by a lot.

5. Explore the power of Data Analytics to improve your business

Perhaps the most useful upgrade that you can adapt to your business using technology is exploring the power of Data Analytics. With the help of an efficient analytics tool like Hana POS analytics, you will be able to track and analyze several metrics related to your business, like website traffic, conversion rate, ROI, overall revenue generation, bounce rate, etc. Based on these data, you can take better business decisions and improve several factors in your business.

Keep Upgrading Regularly

The primary concern with technology is its everchanging nature. What might be state-of-the-art today, will become obsolete tomorrow. So, it’s very important that you keep updating and upgrading your systems consistently. Perform system audits at regular intervals and check whether the current systems are working optimally or not.

With Hana POS, you don’t have to worry about scaling your business. It offers amazing functionality and automate a lot of tasks for you. And the best part is, since it’s especially created for florists, you can rest assured that it will take your business to new heights. Try now!

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