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The Importance of Floral Ecommerce Services for Florists

Online florist businesses are currently thriving all over the world. Much like anything else, people now prefer to buy flowers from the comfort of their home. So, if you’re thinking about whether you should go online with your business, you’ll find the answer below.

Why take your florist business online?

There are so many reasons as to why more and more physical flower shop owners are switching to the online mode, or including this option in their mode of operation. When it comes to online businesses, there are certain advantages that a physical shop cannot offer. This is why, if you’re on the fence about whether to create your florist ecommerce website and go online, it’s time to take the action.

Benefits of florist ecommerce website:

1. Running cost is lower than physical shops

The overall running cost of a florist ecommerce website is way cheaper than that of a physical shop. When you have a florist POS system installed, you automate a large amount and variety of work. This includes displaying items, taking orders, accepting payments, and more. These tasks would have otherwise required you to hire staffs. Plus, you would have to pay for utilities, rent, etc. there’s a huge chunk of money that you can save by operating online. 

2. Operate from anywhere and reach out to the whole world

The biggest advantage of online business model is that you can operate from anywhere and reach out to the whole world. There are no physical or geographical boundaries for an online business. You can be sitting in your beach-house in Florida, running your florist ecommerce website, and customers would be ordering up an anniversary-special bouquet from Maine.

3. 24-hour operation

Similarly, unlike physical shops, there are no closing times for your online flower shop. It is open 24×7. This gives you the chance to maximize your sales and profits. The potential customers can browse through your website and check out the products and services offered by you any time they want, and order them too. 

4. Up-sell and cross-sell without being annoying

Up-selling is the process of selling customers products directly related to the items they just purchased. For example, if your customer buys a romantic red rose bouquet, showing him suggestions like chocolate boxes, or balloons with the message “Add this to your order”, is an example of up-selling. The chances of customers feeling annoyed are high when you do it offline. However, in case of florist ecommerce websites, the customers accept these suggestions more naturally.

Cross-selling is a similar process where you suggest customers to buy more products from you. For example, if someone is buying anniversary flowers, you can show them suggestions for buying birthday or congratulatory flowers. 

Up-selling and cross-selling are very effective methods of marketing for florists where the success rate is extremely high when compared with offline transactions.

5. Better marketing results

Another critical benefit of ecommerce is offered in the form of data analytics. When you use a Florist POS system like Hana POS, it comes with analytics tools that tracks and records all the data regarding your sales, marketing, outreach, customers, and more. With these analytics tools, you can easily track the effectiveness of your marketing endeavors. For example, you can track where your traffic sources are coming from, what they are purchasing, on which pages the bounce rates are high, which products are most sought after during which time/season, and more. This information will help you offer better products and services, and improve your marketing efforts.

6. Easy and convenient for customers

And lastly, the convenience factor is a huge plus point in favor of online florist businesses. The customer can browse through multiple florist ecommerce websites and pick the one best suitable for their needs. They can compare all the factors like price, quality, service, deliver time, etc. and make an informed and more satisfactory decision.

So, now you know why more and more local florist businesses today are leaning towards online business.

POS systems for florists

Worried about how to make the switch? Well, getting a florist POS system will take most of your troubles away in the most efficient way. POS systems offer so many benefits for a florist business, be it in the marketing sphere, creating business strategies, or operating the day-to-day tasks.

Here are some of the best features of Hana Florist POS:

1. Order Processing

Hana Florist POS system makes order processing easier. It registers the order, accepts payment, record delivery information, assign delivery persons, and when the delivery is done, mark the order as completed. This proves to be a big help for a florist business because it performs all the tasks easily and effortlessly without any mistake.

2. Inventory Management

Florist POS software also keeps track of your stock. It helps big time in inventory management by maintaining information about which products are surplus and which products are running out. Thus, it helps to maintain a steady flow of products, and reduces wastage.

3. Optimized Checkout

Optimizing the checkout process for your florist ecommerce website is another important feature of POS systems for florists. It includes multiple payment options, reduces the number of steps and overall simplifies the whole process of checkout, and reduces the bounce rate significantly.

4. Data Analytics for better business strategies

The Data analytics service that comes with POS systems for florists also gives you a vivid idea about your business’s performance so that you can work towards strengthening the weaker points and further enhancing the stronger points of your business.

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