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Three Things to Look for In a Floral Point of Sale System

More than 60% of all floral sales are purchased for the person buying them, and many people enjoy treating themselves to a beautiful bouquet. However, ease of purchase can be just as important as the quality of the product, and all florists should take into consideration how their floral point of sale systems work for them and their customers.

If you are a florist looking to help make your customer’s purchasing experience easier and more enjoyable, here is what you need to know.

Select a Florist POS System for Both Current and Future Service Needs

Having the right floral point of sale system for the here and now is important, but it’s also important to consider if that system is going to work for your future needs as well. For instance, being able to offer seamless credit card processing is something that your business can benefit from now; however, as more and more customers begin to use alternative options such as Apple and Google Pay it’s important that you also have a POS system that can accommodate that up and coming trend.

Taking into consideration the types of sales that you need to be able to handle now, while also keeping in mind the up and coming contactless payment methods, will be essential when selecting the right floral point of sale system for your business.

Stay Up-to-Date with New Technology

This goes hand in hand with the above, and it is something that all florists should keep in mind. While most POS systems now include the ability to process transactions with EMV chip cards, the best can also process contactless payments from mobile wallets such as Apple, Samsung, and Google Pay. Payments like this can be made directly from both smartphones and smartwatches, a technology that is quickly gaining popularity with Millennial shoppers. Being able to offer these options can help improve customer experience, while also helping to speed up the transaction process. This ensures that customers don’t have to go out of their way to pay a different way, and can instead be in and out with the products that they want. This can increase satisfaction and ensure that the customer continues coming back in the future.

Similarly, you should pay close attention to the trends in your area to ensure that you’re providing the point of sale service that customers want. While more rural shops may not see much in the way of contactless payments, florists in cities and suburbs are more likely to experience a greater need for these accommodations.

Look for Both Versatility and Customization

Floral point of sale systems don’t only need to be easy to use for both you and the customer, but they should be easy to maintain and customize to suit your needs. A well-integrated system should be able to offer customizable options based on the functions that you need while allowing you to remove those that you don’t.

Your POS should help you grow and run your business, as opposed to being a hindrance. If you need to contact a support person every time you need something added or changed, your likely not going to be getting the most from your system.

One important integration to consider is the ability to connect your floral point of sale system to your website so that online customers can easily conduct transactions online. The best flower shop websites will always offer a way for customers to easily pay online without having to jump through hoops or place an order over the phone.

If your current point of sale system isn’t delivering the service that you need, reach out to Hana Software to learn more about the upgrades that they can provide. Your shops POS is more important than you might think, so don’t wait until it’s too late and start finding the software that’s best for you today.

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