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7 Tips For Becoming A Floral Designer

If you see yourself setting foot in the flower industry, this blog is going to help you a lot. Your love for flowers can make floral designing fun and interesting endeavor. In this blog, we have listed seven tips that will come in handy as you progress in your floral design jobs. Start to note them down!

1. Set goals

Creating the path to becoming a florist designer requires defining your goals. Try answering these questions to set your goals. Do you want to set up a business or work as a contract floral designer? Do you want to have a store? Are you likely to focus on specific events like weddings? To set your goals you may also need to dip your feet in first. Once you explore the various aspects, you can zero down on your goals easily. 

2. Apprentice

Working with another florist designer is a great way to gather some experience before you start working on your own. Do the work, observe, and learn about running a florist business. You can work with a few different florists. Especially, working with the ones who inspire you can be great.

3. Study

Read as many books. Reading a few essential books for florists can help you a lot in your work. You can also take up floral designer education or courses at local institutes. Get a certification and have an idea of old-school designs. Further, you can update yourself on the current techniques and spark your creativity when designing arrangements. 

4. Practice and polish your skills

Practice makes everyone perfect. So, practice everything you learn from the books and classes. Forage flowers, get the techniques right, and make the designs. They may not be perfect at one go, but they will surely get better with practice.

5. Create your own style

It is great to be inspired by the designs of other flower designers but to develop something of your own. While you can take inspiration from industry experts, dive deeper to find out what you like. What flowers attract you the most? What colors do you prefer? Are you more into monochromatic displays or dramatic, vibrant ones? What is your design aesthetic? What speaks to you the most? How can your design express your individuality? Look into books, and old-school texts, and travel for inspiration. 

6. Practice photography too

Learn to take good photos of your work. Learn the techniques of using natural light, creating aesthetics, and capturing your design in an eye-catching way. Designing images for a florist is important for building an online presence. So, capture your work as beautifully as possible to make your online profiles stronger. Also, good photos attract clients. 

7. Create a florist website

If you start your business or freelance, create a website. Floral websites can help you get more clients. On the website, you can talk about yourself, your products/services, maintain blogs on your experiences, techniques, etc. to give value to your customers. Also, you can maintain a gallery to share your floral design images. 

Hope these tips will come in handy as you start your journey in the floral industry. Remember to explore different aspects and find out what aligns the best with your goals. Good luck!

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