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Best Tips For Online Florists To Improve Their Business In 2022

Are you an online florist struggling to make a substantial amount of revenue out of your florist business? Follow these easy tips to turn your business around.

1. Create a stunning website

When it comes to online florist business, the competition is already skyrocketing. In order to soar through the rivalry, first you need an amazing florist ecommerce website.

Invest in building an ecommerce website that is simple yet attractive. Complex layouts and lengthy details make your visitors frustrated and uninterested. So, make sure that your website is user-friendly. The content should be goal-oriented in order to improve the SEO for florist websites. It should also have clear directions and Call-to-action buttons, combined with an easy and hassle-free checkout system.

2. Add vivid product details

Next, pay attention to the items that you’re going to sell. Assuming that most of the online florists in your area are selling almost the same stuff, you need to brand and market your items in a way that they look and feel different. Creating impeccable product descriptions along with images is the first step to do so. While writing the product descriptions, add in as much details as possible. As your online customers cannot physically examine the products, you should try and fill the gap with visual and written information. Be helpful towards your customers and also add suggestions on how, when, and where a particular product can be useful. This should inspire your customers to make a purchase from your store more often.

3. Increase your online presence

A website is no longer sufficient for conducting an online business today. Rather, you should extend your presence in multiple channels and platforms to increase your discoverability and reach out to more customers. Register with Google My Business to leverage local SEO for florist websites. Also, create profiles on multiple channels to capture the attention of different audience bases. Instagram and Facebook are two of the most popular platforms where you can easily reach out to your potential customers. In order to build a substantial social media presence, you need to be creative, authentic, and persistent in your endeavors.

4. Personalize the experience

In order for your potential customers to have a better experience doing business with you, you should personalize your services to fit their individual requirements. Firstly, enable cookies on your website so that you can record and track historical data regarding your visitor’s browsing patterns. This will allow you to show them more relevant products and services based on their interest. You can also use this data to send out personalized emails with special products, exclusive discount coupons, special offers, and more.

5. Improve customer service

Customer Service is without a doubt the most important aspect of your online florist business. No matter how great a website you have or how many times you post on social media, without this, everything is meaningless. Here are a few quick tips for providing great customer service:

  • Never compromise with the quality of your products. Even a single instance of negligence can put a dark spot over your hard-earned reputation.
  • A 24-hour helpdesk to address customer issues is a great plan. If however, it’s not viable for you, try to get back to your customers as soon as you can.
  • Remember, the customer is always right. Go above and beyond to solve any service-related issues.

6. Take care of inventory management

As shocking as it might sound, statistics show that about 50% of flowers stocked up in flower shops are never actually sold. Flowers being the highly perishable items they are get ruined because of problems regarding their proper storage and stock up systems. Having a highly efficient inventory management system in place will help a great deal to prevent such wastage. Using a flower POS system can prove to be beneficial in this case. Hana POS has an analytics service that shows you relevant data regarding customer’s purchase patterns based on current trends, area, season, and recent festivals and occasions taking place. Using these data, the software can accurately predict the requirements for purchasing new stock. It also optimizes the existing inventory and helps you to use your current stock in a more useful way. By applying a better inventory management system, you can not only reduce wastage but also icrease your revenue significantly.

7. Offer discounts strategically

Deals and discounts are fail-proof strategies of attracting new customers as well as retaining the returning ones. And when you know the exact tactics regarding offering one, it’s a win-win situation for everyone. Loyalty points are one of the best ways to reward your existing customers, and inspire them to purchase more. You can also offer festive discounts during occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, etc. During these times, people tend to spend more on gifts. So, bundling up a few items and offering a collective discount works great during this time. Successive discount is another cool way of boosting up your sales. In this technique, the more the customer spends, the better discounts they get. For example, you can offer 20% discount on orders above $200, 30% discount above $400 and a whopping 40% discount on orders above $500. Flash sales are another technique where you offer a few of your bestselling items in a discounted price for a very short time, for example, an hour only. This creates a sense of urgency in your customers, and this gives the sales a boost.

8. Get a flower POS system

Feeling overwhelmed? Just get a flower POS system and forget about the rest. Hana POS will help you build an attractive and responsive ecommerce website, take care of SEO for florist websites, create targeted content as well as spectacular product descriptions, and more. It also comes with analytics services, optimized checkout, and even helps in florist marketing. It not only maintains your records regarding sales, but also helps in total backend operations management as well as inventory management. To sum it up, Hana POS is your virtual assistant which helps in every step of your florist business from the beginning to the end. Need we say more? Get in touch with us now to explore more!

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