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Traditional POS VS Cloud POS Software: Which One is the Best Choice For Your Floral Business?

Florist POS or point-of-sale systems are the game-changers of the retail floral industry. Running omni-channel or multi-channel floral businesses including ecommerce stores and physical flower retail shops becomes much easier, more convenient, and cost-effective with a flower POS system.

However, these POS systems can be of two types, i.e. the traditional ones that come with a physical device, which you need to install on the premise, and operate only through it. the other one is a POS software or cloud-based POS system which doesn’t come with a physical device, and you can access it anywhere.

So, which one will be more suitable for your flower business? Let’s find out.

What is a Traditional POS system?

A traditional POS system involves a physical device integrated with suitable software that helps you to run your day-to-day activities in a retail establishment, including floral shops.

What is a POS software or cloud-based POS system?

A cloud-based flower POS system is a software customized for the floral industry. It doesn’t require any particular physical device, but is stored and operated  in a cloud server.

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Traditional POS system vs. cloud based POS system:

There are many advantages of cloud-based flower POS systems over a traditional, hardware-dependent system. Here’s a rundown of the same.


A traditional POS system offers limited functionality, and adding more features is not an easy job with these systems. A cloud-based POS system contains a lot more functionality and the developers can easily add more features to the existing system to improve its functionality even more.

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As mentioned earlier, a traditional POS system can be accessed only on-premise where the device is placed. But with a florist POS that is cloud-based, you can access it from any device, anywhere, and any time you want.


A traditional POS system requires hardware installations as well as the application part. However, A florist POS that is cloud-based, only requires installation of the application, which saves both time and money, and is less troublesome.


Updates are offered frequently with cloud POS systems for florists. These frequent updates help you to stay up-to-date and enjoy the latest features as soon as they are launched. However, with traditional POS systems, updates don’t come frequently. And when they come, it generally requires technicians to update on the premise, with the hardware itself.


Traditional POS systems are difficult to customize, and even if it does involve a certain amount of customization, it comes with an additional cost. It is a lot easier to customize your cloud-based florist POS systems and we at Hana Florist POS customize it every time to suit your particular and unique requirements.


A cloud-based system is a lot more secure and safe from data threats, security hazards, and other safety related problems than a traditional POS system.


Finally, getting a cloud-based florist POS system like Hana Florist POS comes at a fraction of cost compared to traditional POS systems.

Choosing a Florist POS system: Cloud VS Traditional

Here’s a list of all the comparing features between a Cloud-based Florist POS system and a Traditional Florist POS system:

Traditional Florist POS Cloud Florist POS
Functionality Limited features, difficult and expensive to add new features Lots of features; new ones can be added easily
Accessibility Installed on-site, so can be accessed only from there Cloud-based system, so can be accessed from anywhere
Hardware Hardware installation required Hardware installation not required
System Updates Rare and complex; comes once-in-a-while and need to update on both hardware and software level Updates are easy and frequent, no hardware update required
Customization Allows limited customization options Fully customized for a business’s unique requirements
Security Less secured Comes with advanced security options
Cost-effectiveness Expensive, additional charges for updates and customization More value-for-money, no additional charges for updates

So, which one is your favorite? Let us know!

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