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Update: All the new features with the latest Hana Florist POS

At Hana Florist POS, making our software the ultimate business enabler for flower shop owners is at the heart of what we do. We know that running a business has a large number of moving parts and small details that need diligent attention. After all, working with a delicate product like flowers means having a finger on the pulse of your business to ensure your precious goods don’t stay on the shelf for a second longer than what they have to.

To this end, Hana Florist POS is always evolving to meet the demands of our busiest and most demanding customers, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact, it is through our engagements with our customers that we get the best feedback on where Hana Florist POS adds value and can be improved to help florists with the everyday running of their business. So without further ado, here’s a look at some of the new features in the latest version of Hana Florist POS designed to make your life as a florist more productive and profitable.

Hana Florist POS New Features



1. A brand new IT infrastructure: We’re excited to announce that we’ve implemented a new cloud based infrastructure to deal with our growing size and increasing volume of orders. Hana Florist POS is migrating to Microsoft’s next generation cloud platform to make scaling both your and our business seamless and predictable. This move provides us the flexibility to increase our server capability on the fly as demand grows seasonally and also has Hana Florist POS membership grows

2. Introducing the Hana Florist POS mobile app: An increasing number of florists are adopting Hana Florist POS Viewers. The Hana Florist POS mobile app allows you to confirm orders in real time, while your drivers are now able to capture digital signatures and also take snaps of happy recipients with flowers for a nice touch to your customer service. Make sure you get on the Play Store or App Store to get your hands on our new, feature-rich mobile app today!



3. Meet our new Project Manager: In an effort to improve our customer service and make it the best in the business, we are always augmenting our support team by acquiring top new talent. With that said, we’ve recently welcomes Mani Ratan, our new Head of Operations, Hana Florist POS Support aboard. Mani brings with him great talent, drive and fresh ideas to the team and we’re excited to have him on team Hana Florist POS.

4. Canada taxation has landed! Hana Florist POS was able to implement Canada taxation and release it for beta with 3 florists across our northern border. We’re happy to report a smooth touchdown and are keenly monitoring its success. Hana Florist POS aims to provide our offering in a big way in Canada and we hope to expand into the country in a big way in 2018. Watch this space!



5. An improved E-Commerce offering: Look out for a much improved e-commerce platform after Mother’s Day 2018. We will be launching new florist website themes and a more user-friendly Website Management tool very soon. Expand your product listing, add beautiful themes and styles to your online store and make buying flowers online an experience one to remember for your customers.



6. Mac compatibility: As a cloud offering, Hana Florist POS works from any device or environment. However, we did have some limitations with regard to POS auto printing capabilities for Mac-only floral shops. So, we’re very happy to announce that we are now able to install the complete range of tools for Mac only stores also.

Hana Florist POS: Everything a florist needs

Well, there you have it folks, these new Hana Florist POS features have been implemented to make running your flower shop business a smooth, seamless and profitable exercise. Our team of developers are already working on a brand new range of powerful new tools and features set for release in the coming months. But that’s not all. Make sure you stay tuned for an extra-special announcement from Hana Florist POS HQ in the coming weeks. We’re really excited about this one!

But no hints will be given away, you’ll have to check in over the next few weeks to get in on the big announcement. Happy flowering!

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