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Proven Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas for Florist

Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest flower-buying holidays of the year. As a florist, you know that Valentine’s Day marketing is crucial to make the most of this single day when flower sales absolutely explode. In this post, we will share our top tips for Valentine’s Day campaigns, promotions, and marketing ideas to attract more customers and boost your flower shop’s sales.

Valentine’s Day Flower Sales Statistics

Let’s start with some key statistics about Valentine’s Day flower purchases that demonstrate why this holiday is so lucrative for florists:

  • Spending: Americans spent $2.3 billion on flowers and Valentine’s Day floral arrangements in 2023.
  • Shoppers: 37% of consumers bought flowers, which is an 11% increase from 2019.
  • Roses: 69% of all roses sold on Valentine’s Day in the US were red.
  • Flowers: Roses are the most popular Valentine’s Day flower, with over 250 million produced exclusively for the holiday each year.
  • Demographics: Younger people purchase more Valentine’s Day flowers than their elders.

As you can see, Valentine’s Day flower sales present a huge money-making opportunity for savvy florists. Keep reading for proven marketing tactics to cash in.

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Top 3 Valentine’s Day Flowers

When people come into your flower shop on February 14th, what blooms are they most likely to purchase for their sweethearts? Here are the top 3 best-selling flowers for Valentine’s Day:

Valentine's Day Flowers

Valentine’s Day Flowers

  1. Roses – These classic symbols of love, especially red roses, remain the most popular Valentine’s bouquet choice year after year. Go with a classic dozen red roses, make a statement with two dozen, or get creative with rainbow rose arrangements.
  2. Tulips – Cheerful, abundant tulips in red, white, or pink are also hot sellers. Arrange tulips together with roses or baby’s breath for added romance.
  3. Lilies – Elegant lilies, like the ever-popular Asiatic hybrids, convey pure affection with their trumpet-shaped blooms.

Fun fact: Pink flowers are increasingly in demand, as people seek alternatives to the traditional red rose! So make sure to offer blush flower choices too.

In your promotional photos and store displays, be sure to prominently feature these V-Day best-sellers.  Now let’s get into our Valentine’s Day marketing ideas to boost awareness and sales!

Stand Out from Your Florist Competitors

Bundle Flowers with Other Gifts

You should consider bundling your flower bouquets with little extras to make them even more special for Valentine’s Day gifts. For instance, you could partner up with the chocolate shop down the street to offer a joint “flowers and sweets” gift basket at a bundled price. That way, customers get more for their money and we encourage bigger ticket purchases.

Valentine's Day Bundle Flowers with Other Gifts

Valentine’s Day Bundle Flowers with Other Gifts

Or what if you put together pretty floral arrangements with scented candles or cute teddy bears? You could even have little tags or signs suggesting add-ons like “Add a box of chocolates for just $5 more!” at the register to tempt them to spend a bit more. The floral gift suddenly becomes a whole romantic gift package.

Theme It Up 

Go beyond red roses! Offer unique color palettes, exotic blooms, or themed arrangements for different love stories (young love, long-distance love, LGBTQ+ love). This allows you to stand out from the typical Valentine’s flower options. Get creative with your floral designs to capture different personalities and preferences.

Floral Shop Theme Valentine's Day

Floral Shop Theme Valentine’s Day

Be sure to create a dedicated Valentine’s Day landing page on your website to promote your specialty bouquet options. This landing page should feature your most romantic arrangements with customized add-on options like vases, chocolates, or teddy bears that can be seamlessly bundled into gift packages. 

Get Personal

Offer custom arrangements based on the recipient’s personality or favorite flower, or let customers add personalized messages to bouquets. Nothing says “I love you” like a gift tailored specifically for someone. Providing personalization options helps each flower purchase feel unique.

Provide “Proposal Bouquets”

Valentine’s Day and proposals go hand-in-hand like chocolate and strawberries! Many hopeful romantics pop the question on February 14th.

Valentine's Day Proposal Bouquets

Valentine’s Day Proposal Bouquets

Offer special Valentine’s flower arrangements made for proposals like:

  • Dozen red roses with “Will You Marry Me?” balloons
  • Tulip or lily bouquet with a visible ring box nestled inside
  • Extravagant rose arrangement spelling out “Marry Me” in blooms

Promote these unique “proposal bouquets” starting in January via in-store posters, magazine ads in bridal publications, and digital ads targeted locally to users with “engagement” interests.

When couples come in to order one of your custom proposal flowers, capture their love story! Then ask to share their photos on social media (with permission) after she says “Yes!” This helps continue spreading romantic awareness of your shop.

Offer Last-Minute Delivery/Free Delivery

Even the most organized romantic partners are bound to forget Valentine’s Day until the last minute! Last-minute florists always have a lucrative opportunity to cash in on desperate procrastinators through last-minute flower delivery.

Valentine's Day - Last Minute Delivery

Valentine’s Day – Last Minute Delivery

Promote your products with content like:

“Forgot Valentine’s Day? We’ve Got You Covered! Use code: SAVE25 for 25% off Last-Minute Flower Delivery”

Keep your shop open late, have delivery drivers on standby, and stock up on extra flowers to meet the inevitable influx of eleventh-hour orders. Last-minute floral gift sales can make up over 20% of your Valentine’s Day revenue!

Create Valentine’s Buzz

Optimize Your Website Content

Optimised florist website for Valentine's Day

Optimised florist website for Valentine’s Day

Your website and especially your homepage are key places to showcase your gorgeous Valentine’s bouquets, centerpieces, and gifts.  Make sure to optimize product pages and homepage for relevant SEO keywords and phrases that customers commonly search around Valentine’s Day – terms like “Valentine’s flowers,” “Valentine’s roses,” “romantic floral arrangements,” etc.  Optimizing your on-site content this way boosts your visibility in search engines when potential customers are hunting for valentine’s day gifts, ensuring your shop appears in critical search results. 

Run Paid Ads on Multiple Platforms

Florist Paid Advertising

Florist Paid Advertising

Don’t forget about leveraging paid advertising on platforms like Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Setting up targeted campaigns for Valentine’s Day can connect you with people actively searching for florists and romantic gifts. Tailor your ads and target them geographically to users within your shop’s delivery range. Showcase your most popular Valentine’s bouquets and arrangements in the creatives. 

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Launch Targeted Social Media Campaigns

Social Media ads are ideal for targeting customers by location, age, interests like “flowers”, and other demographics. Create special Valentine’s Day promotions and bouquet packages to advertise online and in-feed. Transactional ads can be used to elect last-minute shoppers.

Florist Social Media Campaigns Valentine's Day

Florist Social Media Campaigns Valentine’s Day

In addition to paid ads, use organic social media to full advantage around February 14th:

  • Post photos and videos of romantic flower arrangements on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok. Ask followers to tag their valentine or share the love.
  • Share Valentine’s flower arrangement ideas, flower care tips, and gifting etiquette. Position yourself as an expert!
  • Offer add-on items like teddy bears, chocolates, or greeting cards as part of Valentine’s Day flower packages. Upsell customers for higher order values.
  • Run Valentine’s Day specials exclusively for your social audiences. Driving FOMO and demand.
  • Leverage hashtags like #ValentinesDay, #ValentinesDay2024, #Roses, #RoseLovers, #Flowers, #FlowerGram, etc.

And don’t forget to retarget past customers leading up to the holiday. Remarketing ads are a surefire way to boost repeat business!

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Connect with Local Influencers

Reach out to local news outlets and bloggers for features or sponsorship opportunities. Consider offering special arrangements for local events or influencer collaborations. Earn media coverage and connect with influencers to expand your local reach. Landing PR hits helps build credibility.

Partnering with romantic restaurants allows you to cross-promote while reaching couples celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Offer restaurants a free red rose for every table on Valentine’s Day in exchange for promoting your shop’s flowers, specials, and arrangements across their own marketing channels. Make co-branded flyers to display at the restaurants too.

Or suggest placing your flower shop’s branded buckets with roses at host stands for customers to conveniently purchase on their way out. This drives effortless incremental Valentine’s Day flower sales!

Email Marketing

Pre-Valentine’s emails

Start getting your customers excited now by sending some countdown emails and posting teasers on social media. Offer an early bird discount for people who order flowers a few weeks ahead of time. Little reminders like this will get people thinking about Valentine’s flowers earlier and help drive some early sales. Slowly build up momentum in the weeks leading up to the big day with some drip marketing emails to generate anticipation.

Florist Email Marketing Valentine's Day

Florist Email Marketing Valentine’s Day

Post-Valentine’s emails

Send some follow-up emails thanking those recent customers for their business. Offer them a nice discount on their next order to keep them coming back for more. A little appreciation and incentive go a long way in turning one-time buyers into repeat customers.

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Implement a Loyalty Program

Consider offering coupon codes or discounts to loyal repeat customers as a ‘thank you’ for their continued business. Implementing these loyalty or rewards programs can also help you retain customers long-term by providing perks like free delivery, percentage-off discounts, or access to members-only specials and promotions. However, make sure to promote any program or exclusive deals through your email list, website, and social media so customers are aware of the benefits of staying loyal to your shop.

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Grow Your Customer Base

Florist Grow your customer Valentine's Day

Florist Grow your customer Valentine’s Day

Offer Budget Options

Don’t miss out on potential sales by only providing high-end, expensive floral arrangements- be sure to cater to customers with diverse budgets by offering a range of price points. Have mini or “just because” bouquets available at lower price points for those looking for an affordable last-minute gift. Make budget-friendly choices easy to identify by putting them in a designated section of your shop or website. 

Make Buying Easy

And don’t forget, a frictionless buying process is crucial, especially for busy procrastinators buying flowers at the last minute! Make sure to offer easy online ordering with clear delivery options and a user-friendly interface. Consider promoting same-day delivery as a premium service for an additional fee.

Encourage Referrals

Encourage referrals with discounts or bonus points for customers who share your business with others. Word-of-mouth is powerful- even small bonuses for referrals can go a long way toward growing your customer base exponentially.

Give Back With Donated Bouquets

Valentine’s Day is also about spreading love within your community. That’s why donating floral arrangements to charitable organizations makes for brilliant marketing.

Some ideas for donations:

  • Put together roses with inspiring Valentine’s Day flower messages for hospital patients
  • Assemble cheerful tulip arrangements for retirement homes
  • Have kids help arrange pink carnations for women’s shelters

Capture photos from each charitable flower delivery and proactively pitch the story to local news stations. Also, post images and details across your shop’s social channels celebrating how you spread the love in your community this February 14th.

This feel-good PR and visual storytelling helps boost your flower shop’s visibility and goodwill during the Valentine’s season (and beyond!)

Set Up a Valentine’s Pop-Up Shop

Maximize foot traffic and impulse flower buys by setting up a Valentine’s Day pop-up flower stand or shop.

Shopping malls, grocery stores, offices, and other high-traffic locations are great for pop-up shops. Be sure to have plenty of roses, lilies, tulips, and other popular blooms on hand along with vases, cards, chocolates, and teddy bears to capture add-on sales.

Promote your pop-up location via social media, radio, flyers, and partnerships with surrounding businesses. Capture contact info for future marketing by offering all customers who buy a rose a chance to win a larger Valentine’s bouquet!

Bonus Tips:

Make Ordering and Delivery Easy

With Valentine’s Day being one of the busiest flower-buying holidays, it’s important to make the ordering and delivery process as seamless as possible. Provide multiple convenient ordering options like online, phone, and in-person. And after a customer makes an order provide automated confirmations and tracking updates via email and text to put customers at ease.

Offer Excellent Customer Service

In the flower business, excellent customer service can set you apart, especially when dealing with time-crunched Valentine’s Day shoppers. Train staff to be friendly, answer online inquiries promptly and assist customers in selecting arrangements that deliver their message perfectly. If errors occur, fix them quickly and offer discounts or freebies for future orders. 

Decorate Your Shop for the Holiday

Get your store into the Valentine’s Day spirit by decorating with red, white, and pink balloons, fresh flower displays, heart-shaped accents, and signage. Pipe romantic music into the shop to evoke the holiday’s festive, lovely ambiance. A festively decorated space helps draw excited Valentine’s shoppers hungry for flowers and gifts to convey their affection. Make your store a charming one-stop oasis for anyone seeking to impress their sweetheart this season.

Track and Analyze

Sales analysis Report Valentine's Day

Sales Analysis Report Valentine’s Day

Monitor the success of your campaigns and learn from what works (and what doesn’t) to bloom even bigger next year! Continuously refine your marketing and offerings based on data-driven insights year-over-year. Optimization is key to growth.

Managing the rush of Valentine’s Day flower orders, arrangements, and deliveries is not easy for busy florists. That’s why using an intuitive, florist-specific point of sale system like Hana Florist POS is essential. Hana Florist POS provides customized features to help florists tackle all the hard work- sign up now to know more!

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