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Wedding Floral Proposal Software Features

Wedding floral arrangements and bouquets have become an essential part of any couple’s big day. The floral proposal and design process can be complex and time-consuming for any florist. Hana Florist POS is a comprehensive floral POS software solution designed specifically for florists. It helps streamline and simplify the wedding floral proposal process through various useful features.

Wedding floral orders can involve multiple clients, intricate designs, and tight deadlines. Hana Florist POS allows florists to create wedding floral proposals that account for all these complexities. Florists can enter client information, send custom proposals, manage orders and finances, and track order progress all from within the floral software. Some key wedding floral proposal features include:

Advanced wedding and event management

Hana Florist POS offers a dedicated event module to help you manage all aspects of one-time floral orders. You can create client profiles and event records, assign multiple staff members as well as clients to each event, track budget information, mark items as ordered or fulfilled, and much more. Having all the key details and tasks for a given wedding in one centralized location ensures nothing falls through the cracks.

Stem counting and floral calculator

For complex wedding arrangements and centerpieces, accurately estimating the quantity and cost of flowers and fillers is essential. Hana Florist POS has a built-in floral calculator that allows you to enter the type and quantity of stems or sprigs needed. It then automatically calculates the total stems, costs, markup, and selling price. This helps you create precise, profitable proposals for your clients.

Recipe management 

You can save frequently used floral designs as recipes within the software. This includes centerpieces, bridesmaid bouquets, corsages, and other arrangements. When a client likes a standard design you offer, you can simply pull up the recipe and make any needed adjustments. Recipe management makes it easy to maintain consistency while minimizing design time.

Printable shopping lists 

Before heading to the wholesale market to purchase flowers and supplies for a wedding, you can generate a targeted shopping list within Hana Florist POS based on individual order details. This ensures you buy only what you need and avoid overspending on excess inventory. Printable lists also help clarify which staff members should purchase which items.

Google calendar integration 

Linking Hana Florist POS to your Google account allows you to view client wedding dates and key milestones directly within your calendar. This integration automatically syncs changes between the systems, making it effortless to stay on top of pending deadlines, consultation appointments, and delivery dates for events.

Digital contract signing

Hana Florist POS allows you to generate and send digital contracts to clients for approval and e-signing. This streamlines and expedites the proposal process. Clients appreciate the convenience of reviewing and signing contracts on any device, while digital records ensure proper documentation of the final agreed-upon order details.

Maintain task lists for each wedding

For large weddings requiring complex arrangements, you can create customized task lists within Hana Florist POS for staff members. The tasks may include gathering vases, cooling preservatives, gathering particular flower varieties, designing specific arrangements, and more. Checking items off the task list as they are completed ensures all necessary prep work gets done prior to the big event.

As a florist, your talents for design and customer service are what set you apart. But in order to turn those talents into a thriving business, you need the right support systems in place. Wedding floral proposal software is one key support tool that can help elevate your floral services and turn more prospects into lasting clients. 

So if you’re spending too much time on creative tasks that don’t directly involve flowers, consider using wedding proposal software like Hana Florist POS — sign up today.

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