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Five reasons Hana is simply the best POS for florists

Being a florist today means having the creativity, perseverance and resources available to make a success of it. Ask any florist, big or small, and they’ll tell you that making a decent living in a fast-changing and highly competitive market isn’t all roses and bloom. This is why more florists are looking to modernize their businesses to better position themselves against big companies that are notoriously encroaching on their markets. Enter Hana, the best POS for florists — hands down.

Hana is the go-to POS for florists across the USA and Canada thanks to its growing list of features. We hear constant questions and concerns from florists about “making the switch” to Hana and the endless compatibility concerns with current payment systems and wire services.

And that’s why we are writing this blog, to let you know that making the switch is quick and easy while the benefits of using Hana will continue to come your way as we evolve our platform that’s built for florists just like you.

This blog tells you exactly what makes Hana the best POS for florists and why thousamnds of flower shop owners are flocking to us. We’ll look at some of the features we share with other brands in the POS market and how Hana stacks up to names like Dove POS and Floranext to see how you can make the best choice for your business.

A Fully Functional Mobile App

Hana is the only POS for florists with a mobile app that gives you full control of your business wherever you are. The app is designed to give you the flexibility you need to keep track of orders and key staff to keep things ticking over. While other florist point of sale systems do offer some functionality from handheld devices, none of them have the range of tools available to give you what you need in terms of usability, flexibility and power. Give drivers a tool that make them super efficient, give customers the convenience of digital signatures and give yourself the freedom to keep your finger on the pulse from anywhere.

Accessible From Anywhere

True to its commitment to being the most flexible POS solution for florists, Hana is now a cloud-based platform.This means you can run the platform from practically any internet connected device without having to manage installations, upgrades, system updates or security patches at all. You also don’t have to wait for your vendor to configure new updates for you as it all happens automatically in the background. We know that florists have had a history of being saddled with bad technology, so we’ve taken care of everything that doesn’t have to do with being an awesome florist — so you can focus on doing exactly that.

An Advanced Customer Portal

The customer portal is designed to make things like repeat orders, cost management and product overviews easy for customers who do regular business with you. This allows you to focus on developing new business opportunities while Hana takes care of repeat business. What could be better? When competition with 1-800 flower companies, convenience stores, cheap and sub-par products from cheap and sub-par competitors, independent florists need every advantage they can get. The customer portal gives you exactly that, a way to get off the treadmill and grow your business with some really cool tech that benefits you and your customer.

Integration with FTD, BloomNet, FSN and more

Wire services are a reality in our business, but managing them shouldn’t be a pain. Florists have better things to do than untangling themselves from clunky technology and slow, paper heavy payment services — and so do your customers. No one needs those awkward 2 and a half minutes mandatory waiting period for invoices to print by technology that’s older than your niece who’s already in her second year of college. Hana makes integration with wired services less of a stone-in-the-shoe kind of experience. No other POS system reduces so much paper from payments while integrating with those wire services we’ve all come to… ahem… love so much.

Best Pricing, Hands Down

Hana’s pricing gives you the most flexible options imaginable. Our plans are designed to give both new and established florists the tools they need to run their business without breaking the bank. For example, your charge is always the same each month and there are no hidden fees or after-the-fact-per-transaction costs of any sort. Florists sign up for and pay for the plan they choose upfront and know that their billing won’t come with any nasty surprises. Also, our range of plans make it easy to choose the plan and budget you need while managing the cost of your solution. Also, Hana is 100% subscription-based and allows you to cancel your service at any time, no strings attached.

Two More Reasons You Should Try Hana

Okay we know we said we’d give you five reasons why Hana rocks but it just so happens that there is much more to our platform and we’re gonna play out with some more reasons you should get your free 30-day trial today. Firstly, we’re breaking new ground to the North and are happy to tell Canadian florists that Hana is now available in your country! We’re excited to have all requirements for operations in Canada approved and we’re ready to serve Canadian florists!

Hana is also offering florists who sign up for their free trial the first 60 days off their paid for subscription if they decide to migrate to Hana before their trial period expires. There’s that and we’re also adding a range of new compatibilities with hardware and software vendors to make life as a florist more productive and profitable. So make sure you get your free trial kicked off today and also check back for more news, reviews and updates on everything floral by subscribing to our blog!

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