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Why Instagram is a must-use for florists?

Okay florists listen up. If you’re not using Instagram to boost your brand presence you’re either too busy blowing up the world of flowers or you’re just missing out on one of the best things that’s ever happened to your industry. Social media as a whole has given virtually everyone with a decent following a free publishing contract, and not taking advantage of such an opportunity, is simply unforgivable.

Not convinced yet? Okay, well, allow us to introduce you to just two awe inspiring Instagram accounts based on the one thing we love most: flowers. These instaflorists draw thousands of followers (and potential customers) to their profiles with breathtaking bouquets, stems, sets and backdrops that showcase their creativity while helping to reach far wider audiences. We’ll also throw in some great tips on how to make sure new budding instaflorists get their social game on in style.

Ready? Let’s start with those absolutely stunning profiles first; drum roll please…

Moon Flower Design

The @moonflower_design handle is one of the most liked Instagram portfolios in the floral world. With over 25 000 followers, the husband and wife duo who make up Moonflower Designs also pair as a farm/florist operation out of Athens in the state of Georgia. So what makes Moonflower Designs one of the most successful instafloral handles?

Firstly, their photography is absolutely stunning and attests to the creative eye behind not only their bouquets, but the lens as well. Moonflower uses the most beautiful backdrops and settings to showcase their talents and also engage their followers actively. If you’re thinking of kicking off your Instagram profile, be sure to take a peek for some inspiration. You can also check them out on the web at www.moonflowerdesign.com

A.P Bio Designs

Another Hana favorite is A.P Bio Designs who have made a name for themselves with creative use of soft colors and subtle, yet undeniably beautiful lighting and sets. A.P Bio Designs incorporates fine art, abstract forms and textures into their art direction which make their designs timeless and unique.

According to their website, the company elevates floral design to an art form and specialises in events, collaborations, art direction and photography. You can find them on Instagram using the @doan_ly handle and online at http://www.apbiodesigns.com/

Okay, so now that we’ve got your creative juices flowing, let’s cover some tips you can use to get your Instagram profile off to a blossoming start.

Tip #1: Show, don’t sell

Businesses who crack the Instagram code know that being too salesy can really hurt their following, so as a rule they simply don’t do it. Use your profile as a portfolio that showcases your creativity, style and unique perspective of the world. This should be right up any florist’s alley. You’ll notice that the best florist profiles focus on beautiful photography that shows off their work in equally fetching backdrops, so take your time to discover the story you want to tell through your photography.

Tip #2: Tell every stem’s story

Why not tell every bouquet’s story? The Instagram’s story feature is perfect for this type of subtle marketing plus you get to include pics of happy customers receiving their bouquets from your friendly driver.


From the first snip of the stems to wrapping the bow, right up to that special moment when you’ve made someone’s day, now that will be a story worth liking and sharing. Customers will love the experience of seeing how it all comes together in the end and would definitely consider buying into the experience, don’t you think? So tell your drivers to put o a little extra Brylcreem because they’re about to become social celebs!

Tip #3: Hashtag, collaborate and mention

No man or woman is an island in the social sphere. Even if you’re not the social butterfly and prefer a quiet night at home over a busy social calendar, you need to be willing to rub a few elbows, tag a few people and learn the art of the emoticon to some degree. After all, collaboration is how some of the biggest social stars have garnered the followings that fuel their careers and brands.

Start by making sure you choose and consistently use the best hashtags to attract the right audience to your profile. Secondly, don’t be shy to mention customers, suppliers, and others you deal with on the daily. Got a newspaper or food delivery service that pops into your shop on the regular? Get them in on it and mention their business and start building a veritable social network that gets your name out there.

Persevere and you will see the results

One of the main causes for social media profiles ending up looking like abandoned mining towns is the fact that people give up too soon. Knowing that you don’t have to go it alone or that your content doesn’t necessarily have to dry up within a month is an important thing to remember as it will keep the ideas coming from all directions.

Look at things that are happening in your neighborhood. If it’s anything worth posing an interesting question about, or announce or share and you can hook your brand into it – do it. A little out-of-the-box thinking will take you a long way, maybe even all the way to social super stardom!

Instagram is too good an opportunity for florists to ignore. If you’re not ready to take that plunge yet, start by learning from the best Instaflorists out there and tap into what makes their profiles such hot tickets. Once things start to click, it’s time for you to start snapping away and sharing your creativity with the rest of the world. Good luck!

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