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Why Google My Business Is A Must For Local Florists In 2022?

There are many reasons why local florists should upload their floral websites on Google My Business, especially if their business is specific to a location. The most important being its impact on increasing the search engine ranking. Given below are a few other reasons local florists can benefit from it.

1. Gets You Better Visibility

When you use any of the following keywords – state, city, florist, flower shop, postal code/ zip code, the results that come first under the map are the Local Search Results. This is due to Google My Business. Unfortunately, you can’t pay your way into being one of these results. The only way is to have a Google My Business profile. 

2. Maps Your Floral Business Location

With your address in the Google My Business profile, customers can easily find and reach your offline store and florist shop website.

3. Allows For Customer Interaction

Customers can write reviews and upload photos on Google My Business, thereby establishing interaction with your business. All these reviews and photo uploads are important as they improve the SEO for florist websites. This way, they can be on the first three search records on Google Local Search. 

4. Be Where The Customers Are Searching

After completing your profile setup, you can manage the information that Google searchers can see when they look up your business, products, or services. For example, Google My Business lets you add descriptions, hours, photos, addresses, websites, and other crucial details. This can reel in potential customers.

5. Builds Credibility

Google reviews are accessible through the Google My Business listing. You can ask for customer feedback after the completion of their transaction. Then, respond to the reviews via your Google My Business account. 

If your listing has a lot of good reviews, your business will stand out from your competition. It will also reassure customers to prefer you over other competitors. 

6. Initiates Direct Customer Interaction

Google My Business also allows customers to send messages or ask questions directly from the search results. In addition, Google My Business Messenger, a free app, will assist in communication management. You can also receive notifications, customize your welcome message, and appoint a responsible employee to contact customers quickly. 

7. Creates An Impression

You can upload numerous photos of your products, services, or business here. It can be an alternative to a florist website solution. Statistics show that businesses that have photos attached to their listings get 42% more requests for driving directions on Google Maps. They also have 35% more clicks to their online websites. 

8. Allows Daily Engagement

Social media has led to a new era of florist marketing ideas. Chances are you are already creating content to post on various social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. You can repurpose the posts and upload them on Google My Business posts – a feature provided by Google My Business. These posts are available to anyone who comes across your local listing.

Thus, Google My Business improves the SEO for florists, increasing their outreach. It can boost up their business. Using Hana Florist POS can help manage their sales and inventory.

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