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Why Try Hana Florist POS Wedding Floral Management Software?

Planning a wedding involves organizing countless details, from the venue and catering to attire and decor. For florists providing floral services for weddings, careful organization is key to executing flawless events that delight brides and grooms. Hana Florist POS provides robust wedding Florist Software & tools for florists to streamline the entire process, from initial consultations to final product delivery. If you are looking for an all-in-one solution to run your wedding floral business more efficiently, Hana Florist POS offers compelling benefits to try.

Advanced Wedding/Event Management

Hana Florist POS gives you a centralized dashboard to oversee all upcoming weddings and special events. Easily view critical details at a glance like date, location, client contacts, and more. The calendar makes it simple to track deadlines for proposals, contracts, and flower orders. It also enables coordination between your entire staff so everyone knows their tasks and timelines.

Dynamic checklists allow you to create customized workflows to guide the planning process for each unique wedding. Attach key documents like inspiration photos or venue layouts and add comments or reminders as needed. The event management capabilities in the management software promote the organization from the first client meeting through the day-of setup.

Stem Counting & Floral Calculator

Building accurate quotes is imperative for profitability. Hana Florist POS has in-depth tools to determine flower counts and costs for all your arrangements and designs.

The stem counting interface lets you input the quantities and types of stems needed. Apply customized costing rates to calculate the exact floral expenses.

The floral calculator goes a step further by letting you designate the specific number of arrangements per centerpiece, bouquet, boutonniere, and more. Adjust quantities as needed to generate different quote versions to meet the client’s budget. Having precise estimates keyed to your business’s pricing structure makes the quoting process efficient and error-free.

Recipe Management

Standardize your creative process for designs you make regularly like bridal bouquets or reception centerpieces. Hana Florist POS allows you to input detailed flower recipes that list everything needed for specific arrangements.

Include the bloom varieties, stems required, sizes, colors, lengths, and accessories like ribbons or vases. Attach photos for visual reference.

Your team can reference these recipes anytime to recreate consistent products. It also simplifies training new hires on your standard wedding designs. Store all your recipes in an organized database rather than scattered notes or printouts. And the best part is you can easily adjust recipes as you refine designs and update best practices.

Printable Shopping List

With flower orders in place, after a proposal is signed, the floral software generates a complete purchasing list you can print or export.

No more manually tallying needed blooms and materials from different projects. The shopping list consolidates everything into one place for more accurate wholesale ordering and reminders during market runs.

You can always eliminate scrambling to source specific flower quantities before an event. The printout provides clear details for purchasing precisely what is required for all upcoming weddings and special events.

Google Calendar Integration

Syncing with Google Calendar enables real-time visibility into your floral schedule. Key wedding milestones like tastings, consultations, and floral installations automatically populate on your calendar.

Your team can access this shared calendar from anywhere via mobile devices along with updates or changes to events. Keeping everyone on the same page with the latest schedule details helps avoid miscommunications or confusion.

Two-way syncing between Hana Florist POS and Google Calendar also ensures nothing falls through the cracks. As you add or modify weddings in the software, it updates your calendar, and vice versa. No more manual duplications across platforms.

Digital Contract Signing

Streamline the paperwork process with integrated digital contract signing in Hana Florist POS. Customize template proposals and other agreements, then send them for e-signature directly within the platform.

Online contract signing eliminates printing, scanning, faxing, and other analog tasks. It also enables instant archiving of executed agreements in the client’s profile rather than a physical folder. Digital workflows make it faster and easier to get wedding floral contracts finalized. You gain efficiencies while presenting a modern, professional experience.

Task Sheet Maintenance

Hana Florist POS generates detailed task sheets that assign duties to your staff for upcoming weddings and events. Customize which team members handle specific roles like preparing centerpieces, assembling bouquets, transporting arrangements, and setup/teardown.

Task sheets promote organization and accountability across your entire team. Everyone understands their individual responsibilities to collectively execute a seamless event. Easily adjust assignments as needed when availability changes. Task sheets reflect the most up-to-date plan to avoid confusion. Maintaining clear task sheets in the POS ensures smooth coordination between your sales, creative, and delivery teams. It also provides helpful references for new hires to understand workflows.

If you want to elevate your wedding floral services, Hana Florist POS delivers capabilities to consider. The comprehensive platform enables you to deliver wow-worthy events, build your brand reputation, and operate a more profitable floral business. Try it today!

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