Floral product photography guidelines

What is a good web ready floral image? Please review our Hana Photography Guide below. Don’t worry, you don’t need expensive equipment or a session with a professional photographer to obtain awesome floral images. Many florists sent us amazing pictures just using their smartphone.

Do’s, Dont’s

As a professional florist, your floral designs will of course always be beautiful and impressive. If you follow our Dos, Don’ts examples above and pay attention to our tips, you will be able to take pictures which will accurately capture your creative floral art beauty. Review the more detailed tips from the chart below.
Component Common mistakes Resoluton
Product Featuring tired looking flowers that are not looking at their best Always use arrangements which are in good shape and easy to recreate with fresh flowers.
Background Too much visual noise in the background. Choose light and consistent backgrounds which will make your flowers stand out. White or gray wall or craft paper draped chair also works perfectly. Take a look at this picture for a easy to do idea. background suggestions

Source: Pixc

Orientation Portrait images taken with your phone in vertical position Always use landscape-oriented photos (horizontal) with the arrangement in the middle of the photograph.
Photograph Angle Taking picture at an angle making it difficult to judge the product size or complete details. Include a front view image that clearly illustrates the entire arrangement.
Image Resolution Uploading blurry images Upload the highest resolution image possible with your camera or phone.
Image Focus Not making floral arrangement the main focus of the entire photograph. Make sure your entire arrangement is properly focused and at the center.

Ideal Floral Product Photograph

Below is an ideal way of taking floral product photos. Make sure entire arrangement along with container is fully visible with good clarity and resolution. Make sure you capture the photo in a square frame with an clean, consistent background and natural light highlighting the flowers evenly. Background suggestions
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