How to get the most out of your wire service orders with Hana

How to get the most out of your wire service orders with Hana

How to get the most out of your wire service orders with Hana

How to get the most out of your wire service orders with Hana

Wire service orders remain a valuable source of income for florists today. Not only do they augment traditional walk-in sales, they also put florists in touch with a far wider market. While many florists find wire service ordering processes somewhat complex, the potential revenue to be made are simply too significant to ignore. Fortunately, there are ways you can make interfacing with wire service orders far more simple and profitable – provided you’re working with the right tools.

At Hana, we have years of experience in working with florists and wire services. Our system is designed to make interfacing with these services less complex and far more rewarding. This blog takes a look at how you can get more out of your wire services orders by using Hana POS.

Simplify, streamline and centralize wire service orders with Hana

For many florists, the bulk of their frustrations with wire service orders is the dependence on complex hard and software configurations, along with printer support and paper management that comes along with it. Hana is here to make all of these pain points a thing of the past. For a start, our software integrates seamlessly with all major wire services, which means your incoming orders are loaded onto our system automatically.

Managing and keeping track of orders becomes a case of working from a single application with a user-friendly interface that is intuitive to even the most tech-verse florists. This is a crucial to making your business as profitable as possible as florists often pay penalties on late deliveries and these can quickly add up if ordering and tracking functions are paper and process-heavy.

Flower shops have many moving parts

Hana POS is designed to simplify, streamline and centralize work processes to help your flower shop owners function more efficiently. For example, all of your wire service orders can be entered, dispatched and tracked from Hana. Also, customer histories and enquiries can be pulled up at the touch of a button, which speeds up the handling of orders and communication, while allowing florists to market new products and specials to existing customers.

Hana also integrates with popular accounting packages, such as Quickbooks, to make consolidating your order and other accounting data simple. For many florists, bookkeeping is a serious pet peeve, but one no business owner can avoid. We make managing your financial records easy by consolidating all your order information into Hana for easy accounting on your software of choice.

Enjoy more freedom and flexibility

Hana POS is revolutionizing floristry because it allows you to take your work (everything except the flowers) with you wherever you go. You can access the system from any smartphone or tablet, allowing for remote management of all the functions involved in processing wire service orders. At the market when an order comes through? No need to wait until you’re back at the shop. You can have it arranged and dispatched with a few simple clicks.

Flower shop wire services

This translates to greater freedom, giving you the capacity to boost order numbers and customer satisfaction, and with that, revenue. It’s a way to make wire services work better for you. This freedom also means less time behind a computer screen, giving you more time to tend to your walk-in customers while Hana ensures that you never miss another wire service order.

The easiest switch you’ll ever make

One of the best things about Hana POS is that it’s web-based, meaning that you don’t need to worry about legacy systems or expensive server hardware costs. It works with your existing set-up; no replacement or upgrading of your computer or any other equipment is necessary. It also integrates easily with your accounting software, making your financial information available in whatever format you need.

Switching over from your current provider is as easy as arranging a bunch of daisies; we import all your data and customer balances, and you can even keep the same customer IDs. Basically, we do it all for you and provide technical support too, so you can hit the ground running with your new POS and focus on what you do best – taking care of your flower shop. To find out more about how Hana POS can help your business, sign up for a free trial today.

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