Training & Support for a New Generation of Flower Growers
Since hosting our very first on-farm workshop in 2012, Floret has offered scholarships to deserving flower lovers to attend our training tuition-free. Past scholarship recipients have taken what they learned from Floret to create or expand successful flower businesses across the globe. Floret scholarships are a small way of paying forward the generosity and support we’ve received over the years.

Paying it forward

Years ago, I started Floret with a $1,000 loan from my mom, a used wheelbarrow, a shovel, a few dahlia tubers, and a head full of dreams. I spent the first few years learning how to grow flowers largely through trial and error, as I never felt like I was in a place that I could invest in my education. My future changed the day I got an email from one of my floral heroes, offering me a slot at an upcoming workshop. Having the opportunity to have someone take me under their wing and mentor me as I tried to follow my heart was a turning point for me. I vowed that if I ever had a chance to pay it forward in the future I would.

Floret Scholarship Program Details

Offered once per year, Floret scholarships are supporting a new generation of flower growers by providing advanced training through our workshops. Sign up to be notified about the next scholarship application period.


Kylie Lewis took on the task of raising her younger sister while also navigating classes as a 21-year-old college student. “Becoming her guardian made me want to be my best self,” she shared. “Farming expedited the journey. Farming tenders strength, determination, and hope.”
Kylie spent the next decade working as a field hand and manager at organic vegetable farms in Oregon and Washington while dreaming of growing flowers on her own land. Kylie received a Floret Scholarship, and after completing the Floret Online Workshop in 2020, she now grows flowers for weddings, special events, and bouquet subscriptions on a ¼-acre plot.


Washington, United States
Floret Online Workshop Class of 2020


Frequently asked questions

Is Hana really free?

Yes, we offer florists a completely FREE version of Hana which you can enjoy with your new website. Our Bud Plan comes with any selection of website template you choose. Also, we do not make a penny until you receive orders via your new online store, which means we work really hard to get you new direct and repeat business from it. No risk, no contract, no commitment.

How does Hana help me run my business better?

We developed Hana specifically for the independent florist, whether you’re a one man or woman show or you’re dreaming of expanding across state borders. Hana has all the tools you need to run your business the way you want, minus over-dependence on wire and order gathering services.

Is Hana another wire service?

Absolutely not. We’re a solutions provider with a focus on the independent florist. That’s because we’re florists ourselves. Hana comes from our own experiences in the industry and that’s why we’re far from another wire service.

There is no monthly charge for our marketing plan and we never block customer information from our florists. All your orders are placed directly on your website, which means your customers are yours, 100%.

Our service is about getting you more orders and increase your repeat business from customers who already placed orders with you.

What makes Hana so different?

We’re not a typical service provider. We partner with florists to deliver a business tool that increases your direct customer business, gives you more freedom and much more independence from wire services and order gatherers. The floral industry has changed in big and small ways. This means that if your business hasn’t, it’s in for a tough ride

Hana gives your flower shop the florist 2.0 upgrade with a modernized website, a powerful point of sale system and marketing expertise that cut out the middleman. We’ve combined our marketing expertise with our florist POS software and florist website offerings to provide you with a comprehensive business solution.

How does Hana increase my order volume?

Our in-house digital marketing experts know how to position your floral shop online and increase traffic to your website. Also, our state of the art web sites help convert that traffic into orders with a high average order value, which translates into more cash in the till and fewer late night hours trying to make daily targets.

Is Hana right for me?

If a 2-3X increase in direct customer business is worth more than the cost of one of our plans then Hana is the perfect fit for you. Our most successful clients tend to be independent brick and mortar flower shops who do everyday florals and wedding and event proposals. Sounds like you? Great! Get in touch!

Tell me more about the free trial

Getting started with your free trial is a simple process. Let us know you’re interested in taking Hana for a test drive and we’ll set you up with a free account in no time. No installations, no fuss. You’ll see why florists love Hana the instant you engage with our business.