Why collect floral images?

If you joined our 12 month FREE campaign and looking to fulfill your obligation of providing us 5 good quality images, please remember, these will remain in our catalog for a long time making you proud. You will also be using them as long as you are part of Hana family.

We are crowd sourcing from florists all over the United States to come up with a unique and diverse floral catalog for online customers and this goes a long way in showcasing your unique talent and design style. A crowd sourced catalog also gives design inspiration to florists.

We do ask our florists to use only generic, every day containers and use mostly everyday flowers, so that these designs can easily be sold anywhere in United States. We do accept few exotic designs for variety and to cater to that segment of your customer base.

Once completed, your online customers will come to you to find a unique collection of floral art that they cannot find anywhere else. This catalog will only be available to Hana florists and we expect this catalog to contribute immernsely to increase your online presence and business.

Your customers are coming to you to find beautiful floral art that they can’t get anywhere else, and your product photos are first and most impactful impression they will get of your floral art. Unfortunately, there’s also no better way to make a stunning floral arrangement look outdated and shabby than with a bad photograph.

It’s simple: the better your images on your website look, the better your chances are of selling them. Customers browse through internet and make split second decisions and a unique product collection is what sets you apart and makes them decide whether or not to click into your product to learn more about you and your design. Bad lighting, inconsistent, and clumsy images makes even the best floral art look amateurish.

Below are some guidelines to take great pictures

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